21 June 2009 @ 12:03 am
Thanks to a wonderfully kind person on deviant art, I rediscovered several of my own Harry Potter fanfics. I am astounded at how good they are. Now, don't get me wrong... They won't be winning any awards any time soon, but they are a lot better than I thought they were!

So here for your enjoyment (discomfort?) is one of them:

Title: Character
Fandom: Harry Potter
Characters: Percy Weasley
Warnings: idk....it's fanfic.
Summary: Percy Weasley thinks back on a recent relationship...
Notes: The ending is weak. (Maybe this is a warning?) Also, I haven't edited it. This is exactly as it is on da.

Looking back on that day, he smiles, even now. But he quickly replaces that smile with his trademark haughty expression. It's simply not in his character to smile... )

I also apparently have 17 watchers. I have no idea how that happened.

I think I need to start writing Harry Potter fanfic again. I mean, the movie is coming out soon. And surely I'm over my whole "Deathly Hallows mourning period." Gawds. I'm such a dork. XD
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03 October 2008 @ 02:40 pm
deviantart dump )
02 August 2008 @ 11:46 pm
Recent stuff from deviantART:

(...haha lol. do you see what I did there? omg, I crack me up....)

Two Eyes by ~en-miettes on deviantART

More under the cat...lol no, cut XD )

AND POETRY!!!!!!!!! (The first one has some crass language. Just an fyi, in case that bothers you.) )
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25 July 2008 @ 01:02 am
Lol....playing around and experimenting with different browser because....well, I don't have much experience with them. XD; So far, I've had experience with:
  • Internet Explorer: Too slow and very awkward for me to use (especially the latter versions)
  • Netscape: Just lacked that certain....something
  • AOL: It was AOL...what do you think?!
  • AT&T Yahoo!: Reeeeeeally slow on my computer. :[
  • Firefox: Love love love...but considering the only thing I have to compare it to are browsers I've hated, that's not really saying much. XD

Now I'm experimenting with Flock, and so far I'm pretty pleased. I think my biggest complaint is that I can't integrate deviantART like I can LJ, facebook, and my Gmail account. I need to look into it further though, and see if there's any way around that.

Yeah....so now I'm using Flock's "Blog Post" feature. Let's see how well this works.....
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11 February 2008 @ 09:18 pm

Valentine's are DONE!

...now i just need to find some envelopes to mail them in XD Oh, and study for my astronomy test. Blech.

Today's been a good, productive day. I finally got deviantART to cooperate with my compy again, only to discover that they've completely fscked with the categories. It seems that somehow every single category I used for my photographs has vanished. Gross.

I'm sleepy....I'm going to try to go to be early tonight.

Annnnnd.....for your viewing pleasure:

Isn't she precious? Haha....and now I have "Life is Precious" stuck in my head. XD I miss choir tour sooooo much it's not even funny. I remember last year (my last year!) Ben and I hung out in the back of the bus chowing down on chocolate Teddy Grahams (they're vegan friendly!) and sleeping. Twelfth grade choir tour was just like eighth grade choir tour. It was just me and Ben. This year I was Hypochondriac Buddy and he was Green Buddy. We visited the stupid McDonald's in who-knows-where. On the last day, when we sang whatever the heck that song is called, we hugged each other, just like before. And I really miss him. I hate that he's in Austin. It feels so weird not seeing him. It's like ninth grade all over again, when I stopped having classes with him. It was such a shock. In eighth grade we had all our classes together--even P.E.! But suddenly in ninth grade, I hardly saw him. Now he's in Austin, living it up and loving it and I'm still here. But it's always been like that. He's always been one step ahead of. *insert more Ben-angst* I miss my stupid trash can religion starting, weird-noise making, super intelligent, amazingly caring, absolutely awesome hobbit guy! :'[ Gah....I love him.

But I don't love how he never comes home anymore. He's such a hippie loser like that. XD

But it was great that we got to stand by each other for "Nothing's too Good for my Friends." That was too perfect. That last choir tour performance was everything Pizazz! and graduation weren't. I miss PRAISE choir sooooo much. I really kind of sort of want to go back and just sing there forever. For. Eh. Ver. XD
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10 February 2008 @ 09:03 pm
Love Song
Sara Bareilles

Head under water
And they tell me to breathe easy for a while
The breathing gets harder, even I know that
You made room for me but it's too soon to see
If I'm happy in your hands
I'm unusually hard to hold on to

Blank stares at blank pages
No easy way to say this
You mean well,
but you make this hard on me

I'm not gonna write you a love song
'cause you asked for it
'cause you need one, you see
I'm not gonna write you a love song
'cause you tell me it's
Make or break in this
If you're on your way
I'm not gonna write you to stay
If all you have is leaving I'm gonna need a better
Reason to write you a love song today

I learned the hard way
That they all say things you want to hear
And my heavy heart sinks deep down under you and
Your twisted words,
Your help just hurts
You are not what I thought you were
Hello to high and dry

Convinced me to please you
Made me think that I need this too
I'm trying to let you hear me as I am

[Love Song lyrics on http://www.metrolyrics.com]

I'm not gonna write you a love song
'cause you asked for it
'cause you need one, you see
I'm not gonna write you a love song
'cause you tell me it's
Make or break in this
If you're on your way
I'm not gonna write you to stay
If all you have is leaving I'm gonna need a better
Reason to write you a love song today

Promise me that you'll leave the light on
To help me see with daylight, my guide, gone
'cause I believe there's a way you can love me
Because I say

I won't write you a love song
'cause you asked for it
'cause you need one, you see
I'm not gonna write you a love song
'cause you tell me it's make or break in this

Is that why you wanted a love song
'cause you asked for it
'cause you need one, you see
I'm not gonna write you a love song
'cause you tell me it's make or break in this
If you're on your way
I'm not gonna write you to stay

If your heart is nowhere in it
I don't want it for a minute
Babe, I'll walk the seven seas when I believe that
There's a reason to
Write you a love song today

From TIME magazine:

'For many of us, though, Valentine's Day only pretends to celebrate what we like about love while actually undermining it. True romance comes unscheduled, unruly, "a madness most discreet," quoth Romeo. Over time, as it ripens into devotion, still it improvises, a favor rendered, a sudden kiss, a private joke, flowers for no reason. Its expression is the very opposite of the fretful, "preorder now, or be left with drugstore chocolates" connivances that the day promotes. For those who feel well loved, everyday,, of course, is Valentine's. For the rest, no card can console...There's nothing wrong, of course, with delighting in love and honoring friendship and stopping in the bleak midwinter to tickle the people we love. But it's also a good sign of psychosocial health if the day just saunters by and winks, and you feel no need to pay attention. The minute it feels like a duty, it has lost its purpose. "Love sought is good," Shakespeare observed, "but given unsought is better."'


I'm going to finish the Valentine's cards TONIGHT. Also a fudge test run is in the works as of ten minutes from now, as well as studying for my Art History test tomorrow that I do not want to take. Plus I've got to get my pics up on deviantart before I totally forget about them completely (it's still being ssllloooowwww...why won't it work???) and do other stuff that I don't want to think about. Plus, I started on some VD prose for the upcoming holiday. Haha...VD, venereal disease...omg I feel like I'm twelve again XD
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08 February 2008 @ 11:52 pm
Computer's being gross right now, so I'll get the other pics up tomorrow after work. They're all edited and everything, all I have to do is stick them on dA. I've got about five or six I think. I'm also going to get off my butt and get that Valentine's Day prose out. Somehow. Not totally sure. I can't really think about Valentine's Day, I'm in shock from all the stuff and BALLOONS at Party City right now. But I'll try to get it out, 'kay?

Speaking of Valentine's Day....Audrey, Kim, and Beth's cards are going to be most definitely late. I need to get ink for my printer before I can finish them up. Sorry. I'll try to send y'all a little something extra to make it worth the wait.

Here's the only pic from today that I've put up so far:

Bright Light Walking by ~en-miettes on deviantART

Isn't my baby cute? Actually my baby has thunder thighs, you just can't tell in this pic. XD And I didn't really want to do the dA embed thingy but I'm tired and my html skills are....not working. Doesn't seem as if much is right now.

Good night. I'm going to bed.
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08 February 2008 @ 10:25 pm
So I've been looking for the computer hooky uppy cordy thingy for my digital camera ALL NIGHT because I wanted to put the stupid pics up on dA. IT WAS PLUGGED INTO MY COMPUTER. DUH MEGAN USE THAT BRAIN SINCE YOU ARE SUPPOSEDLY SO SMART. I can be such a dumb ass sometimes. I'm really starting to think that all of this me seeming really smart in comparison to my community college peers is affecting me negatively. Or maybe by being lumped in with a bunch of people who aren't always my intellectual betters equals is starting to hurt my thinking skills.


But yeah....pics to follow. Unless I somehow flake out AGAIN.
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08 February 2008 @ 02:10 pm
Today is just too beautiful for my own good. I went out and took a few photographs of two of my cats and got some great (I think) nature shots. I've only looked at them on my camera so far, but I'm going to try to get at least two up on dA before I head off to work.

Grr...Kiwi scratched my ear just now and it hurts like the dickens....but it's such a beautiful day I simply have to forgive him.
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30 January 2008 @ 02:00 pm
  1. Buy black and color ink for printer
  2. Buy cardstock
  3. Find fudge recipe
  4. Buy sweetened condensed milk
  5. Buy chocolate chips
  6. Do test run of fudge making
  7. Buy Sophie, Beth, and Kim's gifts
  8. dA Valentine's thingy
  9. Practice fudge box origami
  10. Figure out what kind of cat food Sarah-child wants
  11. [EDIT]
  12. Buy poster board

....more to come later (?)
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25 January 2008 @ 12:23 am
Well guys....Valentine's Day is coming up. And boy do I know it. Working in a party store tends to heighten your awareness of each and every single holiday. Normally, as I love holidays, that is no problem. However this year, I have discovered I suffer from a well-known and well-cited ailment known as Valentine's Day Hating Sickness. I have no idea why, usually I go bonkers over it and all that jazz, but somehow this year is different.....

But I'm not here to piss and moan about how I'm sick of hearing about the "L" word and whatnot. I'm here to ask you all for your opinions.

Some of you may know that I have an account over at deviantART. If you didn't, now you do. There. Easy peas-y lemon squeeze-y. Now seeing as Valentine's Day is coming up, I'm thinking of doing some kind of Valentine's Day themed work to put up on our beloved internetz (lol....I am SO an English major XD). It's common-ish practice for members of dA to put junk up around the holidays/seasons but I've never done it and I kind of want to. Hre's where you come in.

I want you to tell me what to do. Mostly because I'm indecisive. Partly because I'd like some direction. So fill out this cute little poll thingamabob that I just made and tell me what you think/want.

Click for poll thingamajig )

Okay now I am going to bed because I have class in seven hours. :[

x-posted to dA
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by the sea by *makani on deviantART

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11 January 2008 @ 10:01 pm
I'm going through my dA account because I want to put some photos up for sale so I can get some cash because I feel sooo poor right now (which makes no sense because I just got paid...). I found this.

A Sticky Flavor of Ice Cream

Open up the freezer in my kitchen;
Pull out the ice cream box;
Scoop out my sickly sticky situation;
Singing only this sad song.

Friday night and everyone is out but me,
Screaming at my cats all night long.
Save for that, my house is still.
Quiet save simply for the rain.

Because it pounds and it pounds
And strikes and slams
Away at my little old house.
And though I am afraid, no one is near.

My inbox dings and I have mail.
Click it open and read.
Never quite as alone as I once had felt.
Now more alone than what was meant.

Sticky situations are often mirrored by food.
I dip my spoon into my situational food.
French vanilla always seemed to be
The stickiest flavor of them all to me.
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04 January 2008 @ 07:14 pm
I noticed I have yet to post anything this year....problem solved.

Letters to a Stranger
Genre: Prose > Fiction
Most Recent Deviation from deviantART )

Unfortunate Thing )

So there. I posted.
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So deviantart is being an ass right now...and yesterday as well. I keep trying to change my profile, but no matter what I do it comes up with some error message and says to try again in five minutes....wtf?

meetup today was fun...not at the woodlands, not meeting [livejournal.com profile] grimy13, but still fun. we went to la madeleine and then over to starbucks, then pics on the grounds of the kingwood library....

someone wrapped our house a few days ago...i'm going to kick their ass in as soon as i figure out who it was....

i think i'll dress a bit steam punk tomorrow...i dunno...today just got me in the mood to dress up...lol
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06 July 2007 @ 01:21 am
Just some pictures I really liked....this is some amazing photography, folks...

Clicky to view piccys!! )
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20 April 2007 @ 02:27 pm

by =anaRasha on deviantART


I just really, really, really liked this piccy. I thought that it was sooo pretty, I'd share it! so...yeah...
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