20 January 2008 @ 08:44 am
Thursday was Ben's first Vegan "Birthday." It's weird to think of him as being vegan for only a year...it seems so much longer, like he's been vegan all our lives. But I guess that is just who he is--this amazing, totally vegan guy.

Reading his Facebook note, it just struck me how much we've changed since the two of us met. I remember sixth grade with the Trashcan Religion worshiping Mr. B. That was disgusting. I remember Ms. Norris' beginning violin class, and him receiving his first viola. I remember the Medieval Festival, with him worshiping me as a cone head. I remember the summer after that as the summer without Ben, which is weird because every summer up until that point, I had had no idea who he even was.

And then suddenly, during seventh grade, we were together. And not in a I-like-you-you-like-me-let's-be-boyfriend/girlfriend-tee-hee-hee way. It was an oh-my-god-I-get-you kind of way. We went from seeing each other only during school, to seeing each other outside of school. That was the summer of movies. We saw at least one new movie each week--sometimes more. And to think that we didn't even have jobs and were reliant upon our parent's for transportation, that's quite an amazing feat.

And eighth grade. The year I cried almost every day after school. The year of angst. The year of oh-my-god-I-hate-my-life...but-your-still-here. That was the year Ben invited me to go to youth choir with him It was the year when I was scheduled to take boys' PE. It was the year of Future Cities and Knights who say ni. It was the year that generated "Oh my god, that almost hit ME!" That summer was the first during which Ben was my best friend.

And then high school followed and most of you were here for that. We saw each other less--a lot less. We see each other even less now that he's over in freaking hippie-town Austin. And really, that's the only thing I hate about Austin--it stole my Ben from me. But when he comes home (as rare as that is) we pick up right where we left off. We don't miss a beat. We never have. I think it's really a testament to how well opposites.....well I don't want to say attract. But we are very different. And we compliment each other.

Oh and whenever I find a boyfriend and marry him, Ben will be my Maid of Honor. With the title Maid of Honor and not Man of Honor. You can't trump that in a friend.
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