03 September 2007 @ 09:33 am
So....Novala's a druggie. Honestly, we should have seen that coming with how he dressed.

But I am still really, really sad for some really, really strange reason. TT__TT I mean, it's not as if I was ever attached to him. I just saw him as some clown to laugh at who just so happened to be a lolita GOD-type person. I think I'm more sad that we'll be loosing all of his merchandise. He made some cute stuff. Now I HAVE to go out and get Shimotsuma Monogatari/Kamikaze Girls...I'm worried some idiot is going to jack up the price.

BUT I just spent all my money at STARBUCKS of all places....

LOL at the thought of lolita skirts with a secret stash pocket.
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So deviantart is being an ass right now...and yesterday as well. I keep trying to change my profile, but no matter what I do it comes up with some error message and says to try again in five minutes....wtf?

meetup today was fun...not at the woodlands, not meeting [livejournal.com profile] grimy13, but still fun. we went to la madeleine and then over to starbucks, then pics on the grounds of the kingwood library....

someone wrapped our house a few days ago...i'm going to kick their ass in as soon as i figure out who it was....

i think i'll dress a bit steam punk tomorrow...i dunno...today just got me in the mood to dress up...lol
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