28 July 2008 @ 11:14 pm
Look what [livejournal.com profile] kelly_noel did for me:

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I love this girl sooo much!! ♥ She's my super-secret long-lost twin of win. XD

Okay and now for something really serious. I'd like to take a trip for Spring Break (mid-March) but I'm not sure what I want to do. I'd like to go with someone somewhere for just under a week.

Things it must include:
* Fun
* Good times
* Random costumes
* Lots of pictures
* Excitement
* Interesting places
* Weird/eccentric people

Things it must not include:
* Bad food
* Fiery Destruction of the Earth
* Armadillos (they carry DISEASE!)

If you have any suggestions for places to go, or if you would like to come along, or if you would like me to visit you, let me know and we'll work something out. :] Right now, money isn't too much of an object, as I have the ability to save up a good amount between now and then. I just need to know where I'm going!
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