Hey guys, I'm back. Finally. Just over two weeks without power. I actually enjoyed it. :D

I'm slowly catching up on all of y'all's journal entries. Slowly but surely. I'm probably not going to comment, but I am going to look.

Oni-con's been rescheduled. Pushed back to December. More time with Anna also, more time for NaNo. 8D I am soooooo excited. She will be my new best friend. I don't need Sarah and Beth anymore. I'll have ANNA.

Loooool noooooo. Everyone has a special place in my heart and there is room for growth without kicking someone out.

Geez...in two weeks, I have forgotten how to type. :(

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12 September 2008 @ 07:36 pm
If you guys want to make sure I'm alive, check my twitter: [link] I can update it from my cellphone, so if my power's out I can still let y'all know I'm alive. ;)

All the little kitties are in and I'm fixing to get myself some dinner before the lights go. They're already flickering. :| V. nervous at this point. I HATE HATE HATE storms!! And I'm scared of the dark. I'm pretty much screwed tonight. I'm also really worried about all of my friends by the coast/in Louisiana/anywhere near the predicted path.

If you pray, I'd like to ask you to keep everyone over here in your prayers. If not, then do me a favor and send us some good thoughts, 'kay?

...and if a tree falls through my roof and crushes me this weekend, know that I do love you. :) (yeah...that's a happy thought to end on)
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11 September 2008 @ 04:35 pm
Hurricane Ike is headed straight for Houston now guys, so I may be a bit incommunicado for the next few days, depending on how things go. My family is as prepared as we can be, so I'm trying not to worry. We are not evacuating. We have four cats, and not enough room in the car to bring them with us, so we are staying.

I'm going to go back up all of my junk now.
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