12 January 2011 @ 01:29 am
Just uploaded a bunch of new icons. I had sooo much trouble filling my extra loyalty userpic spaces this year because I couldn't decide which ones I wanted to add to my ever-growing list.

I've been killing so much time on Neopets lately. Getting really close to the 2 mil mark. I really want to get there before I start buying for my gallery again. I've been playing as many games as I can but I really suck so I can easily spend 30 minutes on a game and then only earn 30 NP. Haha, I suck at games. I'm sure most of you have heard about it taking me over a month to beat a My Little Pony game on my DS. If it's for 8 and up, then it's too hard for me. (Seriously, I got Scribblenauts for Christmas and I couldn't even figure out the tutorial!)

I've watched Torchwood and I loved it. Omg Ianto~ /swoon. I can think of so many uses for that tie collection of his.

This morning Mom and I woke up early to go over to Gene's house. He owns a trailer park and is about to move into a trailer over there so he can save on gas (apparently he's paying about $300/mo for it right now because he lives so far away from his actual job) and money. He asked Mom to help him sort out what he's keeping and what he's trashing and I offered to tag along. Got a few books and craft supplies out of it along with a free lunch (Wendy's new fries are not as good as I had anticipated) and some cash. That's car insurance for another month + Netflix. Load off my mind, let me tell you. I also got some GORGEOUS blue geode book end thingamajigs. Totally beautiful and sparkly and rocks (!!!) so I am thrilled. Also, two Pokey Little Puppy books.

When I got home Bernie was all over me, and he's been sleeping in my lap all day. I'm anticipating him waking me up at 5 am though but he's so cute I guess I'll forgive him.

Spent this evening chilling and watching The Green Hornet. Super thrilled to finally see it because I really admire Bruce Lee.

A couple weeks ago I got slammed with this killer urge to go camping in a state park. I really wouldn't know how though, because I haven't been camping in years and all I remember from Girl Scouts is that they wouldn't let me use a knife after I accidentally chopped my finger open.

Class starts on the 24th. I'm still unemployed. At this rate, going back to work is going to be really hard because I've gotten used to waking up late and chilling with my cats all day. I've started looking into what I can do from home but unless I open a daycare I'm pretty much out of luck there. Oh well.

We had a sudden cold front over here and I'm really sad. I missed my warm weather. Hopefully summer'll come quickly this year.
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16 September 2010 @ 07:27 am
It is 7:20 am. I need to leave in twenty minutes. I am still sitting on my ass on the couch with a bowl of cereal on my stomach. I feel so drained right now, idk if I can take geology. I don't know if I can be totally present. But we're having another quiz on the geologic time scale and I'm already so lost in that class I can't afford to skip.

(and now here's where I get ramble-y)

When I was about 13 I could pick up the phone and ask someone who knew me, knew me probably better than I know myself, if he thought I was a bad person. And he would always say no. I could ask him if I were a bitch. And he would always say no. But now I think that maybe he was just saying that to shut me up. Becca says I'm good and kind and give more love than she ever knew was possible. But I think she only says that because I feed her.

Costume-wearing starts Friday at work. I need to find the belt to my taxi driver costume and I need to get one more since I work all weekend and that's three days. I only have two costumes right now. I know some people don't like Halloween because they don't understand how anyone could want to be someone else. But right now, I'm really looking forward to being able to escape into that.
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Had a minor freak out over school. Looked at the two degree plans I had been waffling over for the last few weeks and decided to drop my French class (SOB SOB) and pick up a computer one. If I go by this plan it should take me one year after this semester is done with to finish school instead of a year and a half. In normal people terms and not crazy Megan terms that's a year and a half total until I have my bachelor's. Only one extra semester. IF I don't take spring semester off to volunteer for Heifer. Which I really want to do.


I think I'm just going to have to put that off. Again. Drats.

After I graduate I am treating my ass to a trip to Graceland. I want to take someone with me. As a treat to that person. Not sure who though. Will have to see where everyone is before making a decision of course.

Class schedule for fall now (I swear I will not change it anymore!)

9.00am to 11.40am - Historical Geology

American Lit
World Geography
Blow off computer class

Still no job, still no jooooob~ But I'm finally starting to get comfortable with not doing anything. I used to be so busy, I could never enjoy whatever down time I had. I always spent it stressing. But now I am beginning to let loose and relax. Which would be great, except I need money.


UGH I LOVE MY CATS SO MUCH. I've been spending some hardcore time bonding with them and with my wee little hammy and I just fucking love my animals so much.
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26 April 2010 @ 11:16 am

Who the fuck likes this shit? If you do, please try convincing me to like him. Because I've got two hours to do this paper and I have had a MASSIVE block since the thing was assigned. I think I could do a 10 page essay analyzing Twilight in a POSITIVE manner and enjoy THAT more than I am this.

Just. Fuck me. I can't see how this is not going to be late. :[
...and Phoebe and Pearl both start with the letter P.

And it is from this idle observation that I have discovered my topic for my lit class essay. (Well, pending approval from Dr. Skelton.) I've done some preliminary research, just so that I could be sure it was actually writable, but I truly believe it is. And it will be a masterpiece. And, in lieu of me having anything going on in my life, I shall share my thoughts with you on this. Any criticism is welcomed, as it's been about a year since I've had to worry about doing an analysis on this level.

The House of Seven Gables' Hepzibah and Phoebe serve as both mirror and foil to the mother-daughter pair presented in The Scarlett Letter's Hester and Pearl.


I. Hepzibah
     A. Attitude in adversity (pessimism and defeat)
     B. removed from society around her/isolated
     C. Still need a C
II. Phoebe
     A. represents light
     B. salvation of Pyncheon family
     C. characterized as simple
III. Hester
     A. Attitude in adversity (perseverance and change)
     B. mentally isolated from society, but physically is within it
     C. still need a C
IV. Pearl
     A. represents sin
     B. redemption for Hester and whats-his-name Minister
     C. precocious
V. Similarities
     A. sufferance of guilt/blame
     B. Older-younger
     C. Not acquainted when guilt established
VI. Differences
     A. Surrogate v. true mother-daughter
     B. Placement of guilt (generational/ancestral v. self)
     C. need a c

It's still kind of weak because I need to refresh myself more fully on The Scarlet Letter, and I've done a minimal amount of research on it. Most of it's off the top of my head. My only real concern though is getting it in within the page limits. I have no problem meeting minimum requirements, but I'm quite wordy and have a tendency to go over (I once turned in an 18-page essay when the requirement was 10-12 pages). I'm really looking forward to researching this more and finally writing it. I hate Hawthorne, but for some reason I really like the idea of doing more research on this. I don't think there is very much written connecting these four characters, so it'll be fun to be able to form my own connections and draw my own conclusions.
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23 January 2010 @ 08:10 am
Sorry I haven't been updating this. It's not that I haven't had things to say, I just...haven't wanted to say them I guess. And so I keep distracting myself by saying, "Oh well everyone at my rp is waiting for me and that really needs all my focus, or "I NEED to update my tumblr," and other shit like that.


I'll try to be better? I really miss you guys and I haven't even really been commenting (but I have been reading).

Here's some things:

(it's a lazy-looking list because html + mornings =/= happy me)
* working on some projects for [livejournal.com profile] startrek_diary
* I've been trying to fix said layout for the last two days. I can't get the quick reply form to cooperate and it's pissing me off and I can't figure out how to fix it. Every time I do, I either break something or the thing I did doesn't do what I thought it would. Old layout up for now.
* Waiting for my tax form thingys from the school so I can get off my ass and file that shit.
* my cats are adorable
* fit is awesome
* work is work :|
* I want to get back in the habit of doing TiLT. I was super happy when I did those lists and I want to feel like that again.
* I kick ass in fingerspelling
* Not so in visual gestural communication
* I'm back to watching Pretty Guardian Sailor Moon. Hopefully I'll be able to finish this time!
* I would probably wither up and die if Kayla and Becca and Belle weren't at work to keep me from curling up into a little ball and saying 'screw it' to the world. Even though THEY don't read my LJ, you guys HERE need to know that these are the three people I see most right now and their teasing and flirting and love has kept me pushing on even when I am less than happy
* Doctor ordered some more tests and think I may have lupus
* I have a story to tell, but not enough time right now to tell it. Someone remind me to please?
* [livejournal.com profile] startrek_diary got paid time. It made ninja!mod happy and it made me squee to see readers piping up to thank the anon donor.
* I'm going to plan a meet at the Battleship and this time it's going to happen. I was kind of....super depressed over the break and so I crapped out on my lovely comm. I need to stop ignoring [livejournal.com profile] houston_loli in favor for st_d. It's like that poor comm is now my bastard child or something. But. um. Noobs. I think the new lolitas and all of the sweet just got to me for a bit. I was kind of sick of all of the sweet. No offense to all the OTT-loving ladies, but I like things more....CLASSIC. :| I think I am over that little brain-tantrum though and am ready to start making h_l be as awesome as it deserves to be. I want to do really disgustingly tourist-y things with my girlssssss~
* Now I have to go to work. Boo!

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12 November 2009 @ 11:46 am
Ugh. I am trying to work out my schedule for next semester. So far this is what I've got:

9:00 am to 11:20 am    SGNL 1401: Beginning ASL I

9:00 am to 10:50 am    SLNG 1211 Fingerspelling
11:00 am to 11:50 am    SLNG 1215 Visual Gestural Communication

SLNG 1317 Introduction to Deaf Community

I want to add at least one more class on Monday/Wednesdays and I'd really like it if it could be a P.E. course because I am getting lazy and have no muscle tone. And I'd really like to not have all interpreting classes. It'd be nice to have something to break up the monotony.

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17 April 2009 @ 12:32 am
Okay, so I've been super stressed lately and the sort of sad that borders on hardcore omg-I-need-meds depression. My choir teacher's partner died on Monday, and for some reason it really dredged up memories of my dad, which makes no sense because my father was neither gay, nor did he die of complications from esophageal cancer. But anyways....I'm dealing with it. Not in the best way, but I am dealing with it in a way that isn't going to destroy me.

My mood has been greatly improved by the fact that I've decided what path I am taking next semester. Over the summer and the fall I am going to finish up my requirements so that I can get my Associate of Arts. Then in the spring I will be starting on my web design degree. I'm very excited for this turn of events. I'm just so utterly thrilled that I can't help but want to do a little dance whenever I think about it.
Summer/Fall Schedule )

I'm still not sure about my work schedule, since I'm not sure where I will be working come fall. Most likely, however, I will probably be staying at Party City for the majority of the summer since they are really good about letting me off when I want/need to have off since they don't want to accidentally piss me off and have me quit (lol...too late for that!). I also would really hate to get hired at a new place, only to have to request off a good portion of the first two months of my employment. Geez, it just seems like no matter how hard I try, I can never get away from P.C. XD Whatevs. I'll hopefully be gone within the next six months.

I'm not going to be doing choir next semester. I love Dr. Faber, but I'm just sick of the fact that we never get anything done in class and are automatically expected to learn our music outside of it. I can work on memorization and rhythm fine on my own, but I can't actually work on the notes since I don't play piano, am not a vocal major, and do not even take private lessons. I mean, if we actually got work done during class, I wouldn't mind it so much, but we aren't. So. Hmmm... we'll see how music will fit into my life come fall. I'd hate to stop altogether, but I dn't know if I can afford private lessons (for my violin) and I can't find any string classes that aren't taking place when I'm in class/on a different campus. I'd also like to find some sort of physical activity to do so that I don't remain in my horribly mushy out-of-shape sort of way of being. I hate that I used to be so strong and flexible, and was still able to keep most of it up after quitting karate, but then lost it all when I died. D: Dying sucks guys! It will steal away all of your muscle tone! Don't do it! I used to be able to do the splits!

Ugh....anyway, I think that's mostly it for now. Easter was fun. Gene came over and made steaks. The con was hella boring, but I was with awesome people so that made up for it. Takuya Angel's people/table/panel/everything was just...too much for words. I didn't even go to this con to see him, but I left feeling that way. Definitely way more worth it than Miyavi. I was rather disappointed in his performance at his concert. The fashion show was really awesome. The lolis were super cute and I loved the Takuya Angel portion.

I'm sleepy now, though, so I'm going to bed. Good night.
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09 September 2008 @ 10:57 am
J'ai faim.

Well, I don't want to bitch too much about my French class because, in the end, I was the one who decided to take it. However, I would like to throw out how much I despise the instructor and the way she is conducting the class.

I think I may have some sort of throat infection. I've been feeling poorly for almost a whole week now.

Well...I'm going off to eat lunch and do my English homework before class starts. Dr. Miller is going to have my head if I don't finish another reading assignment.
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25 August 2008 @ 04:34 pm
Uggghhh......okay first off, I did not drink enough water today. I got home and felt DEAD. DX But now I've had about five glasses and am beginning to feel a bit better.

Mom and I carpooled up to campus today, and on the way there I was so idle I started having a panic attack. I was freaking out SO MUCH. Practically hyperventilating and everything. After getting to school, I skipped off to the nearest abandoned restroom to jazz myself up a bit and calm down. By the time I got to Public Speaking I was fine. :)

All of my teachers so far have doctorate degrees, and they all seem insanely passionate about what they are teaching. Dr. Faber (my choir director) was actually able to hop over to California with his partner this summer and get hitched, so he was in an exceptionally good mood today. My history teacher is really funny and seems quite nice and very knowledgeable. I'm so glad that I'm not getting someone who is just reciting facts for the whole class period. My public speaking teacher likes to sky dive. D: I could never imagine doing that!

I did miss the free ice cream in the courtyard though. :[ That made me sooo sad because I love free stuff--especially free food. :D Hopefully I'll be able to get some tomorrow.
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24 August 2008 @ 09:11 am
School starts tomorrow~ I am a little disappointed because once again I've missed out on the whole "moving in" experience, but that's what I get for not going to a real school, lol. Oh well~ next year, next year.

My sociology class was canceled, so instead I'm taking an independent study government course. I am disappointed, but I'm also kind of glad it happened, because I only have eighteen hours left that I need to complete for my degree (woo!) and if I hadn't taken government this fall, I would have ended up taking it over winter break, or worse--taking two government courses at one time!

So anyways, my updated schedule is as follows:

9.00 to 10.20 - Public Speaking
10.45 to 12.05 - Concert Choir
12.30 to 1.50 - US History from 1877 to present

4.00 to 10.00 - work @ P.C.

9.00 to 11.20 - Beginning French I
12.30 to 1.50 - Composition and Rhetoric II
7.00 to 9.50 - Ballroom Dancing

9.00 to 11.20 - Beginning French I
12.30 to 1.50 - Composition and Rhetoric II

work @ P.C.

*independent study course fits in wherever I have time :)

Aaaaaah.....I'm so excited and looking forward to tomorrow~!
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Image and video hosting by TinyPicImage and video hosting by TinyPic

· Spend time with a friend you haven't seen in a while. Laugh loudly; scream obscenities at each other. Threaten to kill the other. Eat way too much. See a really good movie. Make lame jokes. Talk too loudly. Make fun of really lame things. Hug each other at the end of the day and promise to see each other really soon--even if you won't. Be sure you make traveling plans for an exotic trip somewhere very exciting and fully thrilling.

· Buy a huge package of insanely ripe strawberries and eat them while reclining in bed surrounded with things that make you smile.

· Make plans to do fun things once the summer has left you.

· Pal up with one of your closest friends and take ridiculous photo-booth pictures.

· Buy fancy new notebooks and glittery pencils that will leave sparkles on your hands after you're done filling out that scantron.

· Make an autumn reading list of books YOU want to read. Buy the first two or three in advance.

· Two words: Summer sales.

· Have some yummy pie.

· Cleanse and simplify. Rid yourself of the things you won't need for the coming year so that you have room to grow and expand.

· Try out a new hairstyle--even if you don't like it, you've learned something about yourself.

· Enjoy the weather while it's still hot and humid. Relish the feeling of moisture on your skin during a late night drive. Listen to the crickets and cicadas as they sing you to sleep. Spend the night out on your porch in a pretend camp out. Plant some night-blooming flowers and enjoy the scent. Watch the stars and universe move around you.

· Discover a new love for something.

· Write yourself love notes. Hide them in little hidey-holes around your house, in your car, inside binders and textbooks. Find them throughout the year and smile.

· I cannot say this enough: Put the music on as loud as you dare (and then some!) and dance around in your underwear. Practice some wicked air guitar. MOVE. Feel the world dance with you.

· Watch the summer Olympics.

· Play in the earth. Get a little dirty. Feel young again.

· Try a new restaurant out spontaneously.

· Thank everyone you love for being so spectacular.

· Take lots of pictures. Document your last days of freedom.

· Go to the store and try on as many pairs of shoes as you can, regardless of how they look and how much they cost.

· Buy yourself a new pair of underpants.

· Foster a love for someone completely imaginary.

· Dress suspiciously and leave thank-you notes on strangers cars. Walk off giggling like a madwoman.

· Memorize Sylvia Plath's "Mad Girl's Love Song."

· Make a list of all of the GOOD things that come with summer's end. Don't dread autumn's coming.

**Bonus Points**
  ♥ How to Dress up a School Uniform
  ♥ Things to do Before the Seasons Change
  ♥ 50 Things to do Before Summer Ends
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20 August 2008 @ 12:18 am
Sorry for the lack of updates lately. The weather's been getting me down and I've just been dragging myself from here to there as necessary. It's really quite disgusting.

So, Beth is leaving me in a few days. I'm going to send her weird stalker-gifts like a major creeper. I've had fun chilling with her this summer. Just three months until I see her again now. *sob* I took her out for lunch today yesterday and then we got some awesomely lame photo-booth shots at the mall.

I'm supposed to see Sarah tomorrow, but she has yet to plan anything for us.

I was able to see Ben ONCE this whole summer. Damn Austin...stealing my lover boy from me. XD Nah...but I'm happy for him. It's been a good move for him, and so what if we can't see a movie every day for a whole month like we did back in seventh grade? We're adults now. This is just a transition period and anyways, we are totally going to teach at the same school together one day. (Actually probably not, because he keeps on changing his life plan on me.) It just sucks that I never get to see my best friend. :( BUT I AM HAPPY FOR HIM. Gawd, I love that kid. XD

Teddy Grahams are sooooo damn addictive.

School begins on Monday. My schedule is as follows:

9h to 10h20 - Public Speaking
10h45 to 12h05 - Concert Choir
12h30 to 13h50 - US History from 1877 to present

16h00 to 22h00 - work @ P.C.

9h to 11h20 - Beginning French I
12h30 to 13h50 - Composition and Rhetoric II
16h00 to 17h20 - Principles of Sociology
19h to 21h50 - Ballroom Dancing

9h to 11h20 - Beginning French I
12h30 to 13h50 - Composition and Rhetoric II
16h00 to 17h20 - Principles of Sociology

I'm also very excited, because Dustin (one of my managers) loaned me The Ice Man: Confessions of a Mafia Contract Killer. It looks so interesting!

Ugh.....I love my cat sooooooo much. DX I'm going to miss her once school starts. I've become so achingly used to spending all day in bed with her. XD

Now I'm going to bed though....because Sarah and I have a big day of catching up to do tomorrow. :)
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03 August 2008 @ 11:42 pm
Gawd...I don't think I can do this English class anymore. It's not that I think I'm right and the teacher is wrong. I just feel like she is poor instructor and a closed-minded person and I'm having a lot of difficulty finding any sort of drive to please her. I don't mind adjusting my learning/out-put styles to please a teacher. Hell, I'll be the first one to say that rule number one of any class is DON'T PISS OFF THE TEACHER (notice how I put that in all caps? that's how I see it in my mind.), but this is the first time when it really feels as if there is no point in even bothering with pleasing her.

It's not that she critiqued my writing. I've got no problem with that. In fact, please, I beg of anyone anywhere who reads anything that I write, regardless of context or even your level of authority on the matter, to please tell me what I have done wrong. Rip me to pieces if you must. I just ask that you be intelligent about it and only pick on things of actual importance. Don't fuss and moan over petty things. I am completely fine if a teacher marks my paper and takes off points for bad writing, god-awful grammar, stupid mistakes...things of that nature. However, this instructor felt the need to mark on my paper that the word "represents" should be replaced with "is symbolic of." I'm sorry, but I was taught that, when writing a FORMAL PAPER, one should choose the SHORTEST and MOST CONCISE wording possible. And, I'm sorry--this is just a personal problem I have with this--but what is the point of replacing a WORD with a DEFINITION of that word, especially when it is a commonly (at least, I would hope so at the level that this class is at) known word and the definition is longer than the actual word itself? And furthermore, how petty does an individual have to be to count off points for such a simple word choice "error"? I would understand if the difference in wording changed the meaning of the sentence, but how does changing "represents" to "is symbolic of" alter the point I am arguing?

Ugh... It's petty things like this that DE-motivate me and STRESS me out and convince me that a class and instructor are NOT WORTH MY TIME. Please, give me a hard teacher. I'm okay with that sort of person taking points off of my assignments--he or she could fail me and I would still probably come out grinning! But when a teacher feels that such a trivial matter should be the deciding difference between letter grades, I get quite aggravated. Please, make it something more substantial--using the incorrect format, not doing something the class was expressly directed to do, poor word choice that affected the meaning of the paper--but not simply using one word instead of another when it HAD NO DIFFERENCE in how the sentence came across.


Miss Brill’s donning of her beloved fur in the beginning of the story, and her subsequent casting off of it at the end of the tale, represents her superior attitude and her punishment for possessing such a view of her fellow park-goers.


Miss Brill’s donning of her beloved fur in the beginning of the story, and her subsequent casting off of it at the end of the tale, is symbolic of her superior attitude and her punishment for possessing such a view of her fellow park-goers.

I don't get it. Please, enlighten me here. Or, am I just wrong in trying to shorten an already lengthy sentence?

Now I'm off to practice repeatedly perform or systematically exercise for the purpose of acquiring skill or proficiency with my wicked air guitar skills to the sound of The Darkness' "I Believe in a Thing Called Love."
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18 February 2008 @ 02:07 pm
SO THE DAMNED ART REVIEW ISN'T DUE UNTIL WEDNESDAY. BUT on the bright side, he said I can e-mail him what I did (all of it) and he would correct it and send it back so I could fix it before turning it in, thus loosing fewer points. :D

Ugh. My arthritis is bothering me AGAIN--majorly this time. Both my hands and wrists and my whole right leg are all gross-feeling and my right knee has just been giving out randomly at least once a day for the whole weekend. That's something I really don't get. I don't think arthritis is supposed to cause that. Idk....I'm just scared to go to the doctor and have him run tests because I'm really worried I'm going to end up like one of those medical mystery shows where the person suffers for years with no/wrong answers only to discover they may just die. I'd like to live in blissful ignorance!

No I don't. But I don't want to find out I have, like brain cancer or something. :\

There is a guy a few computers away from me staring longingly at a slide show of Johnny Depp. XD

Ugh....this day is just so....whatever. I want to go hoooome. But I have to wait for mom to get out of claaaaas. This is why I need to make friends at college. Blech. But I hate most people my age! I mostly hang out with my mom and Gene, and their older than I am (obviously) and so I'm really not used to doing "young people" stuff. I think my mom's worried I'm turning into an old lady too fast, what with all of my yarn crafts, scrap booking, arthritis, and crazy cat-filled life. XD It's hard to explain to her that I'd rather act 80 than 18 if it means not doing a bunch of stupid shit that most college kids do. She did crazy stuff when she was younger, and she doesn't understand why I want to skip that phase in my life. It's so weird. Most parents would find me an ideal child. But nooooo....not mother. She wants a crazy party girl. She thinks I don't show enough skin when I go out XD It's just so weird. I think that's why we get along so well--she has such a "young" mind while I have such an "old" one. But I can act immature and/or my age when I want to! I just usually try not to because then I come of sounding like an idiot (at least to me).

AH! But I've discovered my Life Plan. It is as follows:
  • Get associates' degree with liberal arts major from Lone Star College-North Harris *cough*Beer University*cough*(that's seriously what they changed the name to DX Lone Star is a BEER company!)
  • Apply to and get into either Schreiner University, Austin College, or UT Austin
  • Get master's of English/education (double major!!! party!! ...or...not) with emphasis on gifted and talented education
  • go and teach high schoolers and change their lives with toga parties and weird existentialist projects!

XD Gawd, these kids are going to think their lilliputian teacher is on crack. I want to have a Keene-esque class. I learned A LOT but did (or seemed to do) very little work. It was inspiring and fun! I got to play with wire and newspaper! I got an A for showing up with a mirror when I was supposed to do an in depth project. But that may have not been so good....

Geez....GT was a dream. I think if more on-level and honors classes were taught like gifted classes then kids would enjoy learning. This teach to the test shit that NCLB forced into schools does nothing but slay the love for learning. A good teacher is able to simply teach, not to a test, but teach for the sake of learning, and the students will be able to pass the test. You can teach a kid how to take a test, but THAT ISN'T LEARNING. Ugh....I think that's the one thing that happened under the Bush administration that pisses me off the most. It really screwed over students nationwide.

Bah! Even just thinking about it makes me so angry!! D
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18 February 2008 @ 08:42 am
Well, words are coming first because I feel woefully awful for not posting them over the weekend. Life's just been hectic with mom's car in the shop and having to coordinate our schedules. I haven't been home half as much as I would have liked to have been.

ennui \on-WEE\, noun:
A feeling of weariness and dissatisfaction arising from lack of interest; boredom.

Sitting in class had become so monotonous and unfulfilling that a permanent ennui had settled into her, to the point that she felt school had no purpose any longer.

virago \vuh-RAH-go; vuh-RAY-go\, noun:
1. A woman of extraordinary stature, strength, and courage.
2. A woman regarded as loud, scolding, ill-tempered, quarrelsome, or overbearing.

She found the orator to be a virago, worthy of admiration.

pestiferous \pes-TIF-uh-ruhs\, adjective:
1. Bearing or bringing disease.
2. Infected with or contaminated by a pestilential disease.
3. Morally evil or dangerous to society; pernicious.
4. Bothersome; troublesome; annoying.

Typhoid Mary was a pestiferous worker who made a lot of people sick. (Still waiting for that coffee to kick in....)

sine qua non \sin-ih-kwah-NON; -NOHN; sy-nih-kway-\, noun:
An essential condition or element; an indispensable thing.

As her life progressed, coffee became the sine qua non that allowed her to get to class on time everyday.


Grawr. I hate crying....things and yesterday was Super Baby Cry Day apparently. I had no idea. If I had, I would have called in sick. Haha...I hate kids.

Umm....Saturday I went to Osaka and the Museum of Fine Arts with Cindy. That was fun. I felt really lame though, but I always feel really lame when meeting new people. She had on the cutest Hello Kitty broach and I almost died of love when I saw it. She was so nice and gave me a cute Hello Kitty valentine and the most delicious strawberry jam filled strawberry cakes. I felt so bad that I hadn't taken her anything, but my brother raided my cupcakes! Oh well, it was his loss because I only shared Cindy's great little cakes with mom. XD Osaka was pretty good, but I felt kind of lame since I was absolutely starving, but my appetite mysteriously flew out the window a few moments before our food arrived. D: Then I was struggling to eat. Blech. My appetite's been weird lately. Afterwards we went to this supposedly cute cupcake shop. It wasn't as darling as either of us had been expecting, but the cupcakes were beautiful. They tasted good too, but not as good as they looked! XD

After that we went to the museum and checked out Miwa Yanagi's exhibit and Love Tokens. I didn't mind seeing Love Tokens again, because I absolutely love miniatures--I think I want to get one when I'm finally rich and famous. (Like that will ever happen!) I had been told by several people that I would love Miwa Yanagi's work and that I even looked like someone who had just stepped out of one of her photos. Now, I don't think I looked like I belonged in any of those pictures, but I did LOVE to nth degree her Fairy Tale series. Darwin said I would like it, and I did. Guess he knows me pretty well. I think what I liked most out of her Elevator Girls series though was the architecture in all of it. It really stole the lime light away from the elevator girls themselves. What I loved most of all was the Little Red Riding Hood. Talk about surreal. Blech...but that's not the word I want to use to describe it, I just can't think right now. Maybe it will come to me later?

Then we spent about twenty hours looking at the museum's library. Oh. My. God. Uh-Maze-Ing. I also got an idea on what to do my art history super-big paper on. :D That really eased my mind. Only trouble is I've got to get off my butt and get the art review that's due THIS WEEK done before I can justifiably begin work on that stupid research thing. BUT at least I know what I'm going to be doing.

And it just clicked that it is MONDAY. The art review is due TODAY. Damn. And I was doing so well in that fsking class. Better get started on that now then... D: Oh well...at least I for sure have time to do it. Writing papers is my THING. Good thing I noticed now rather than when he called to have the reviews in.
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12 February 2008 @ 07:10 am
copacetic \koh-puh-SET-ik\, adjective:
Very satisfactory; fine.

After signing up for another, and completely unnecessary, year of math, I've been dismayed to discover that the instructor is less than copacetic, leaving much to ask for, especially compared to my last Calculus teacher.


Last night I signed up to get the Dictionary.com Word of the Day by e-mail everyday. When I find the word especially interesting, I'll post it here. Or maybe I'll do it every day just to annoy you. XD I'll also try to use it in a sentence because I heard somewhere that that helps you learn it. I'm not sure if that's true, but it'll be a great way to kind of force myself to write, even if it is just one sentence a day.

Also, there is this phrase in my Astronomy textbook that refers to the planets as "orbiting giants" and it made me think of this icon. XD I ♥ Mirrormask!
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11 February 2008 @ 03:26 pm
Today's been.....interesting. I think I got a C on my Art History test, mainly because I forgot to study. I'm going to finish up the Valentine's TODAY, and they will all be sent off by tomorrow. If yours is late, let me know and I'll send you something for St. Patrick's day or something.....idk. I'll figure it out.

Fudge turned out amazing--so claims my brother and my taste buds. I had been worried that I had added either too much chocolate or too much salt or too little condensed milk but NO! 'Tis PERFECT.

It's gross and muggy right now but I feel pretty good despite. I saw a fire truck and an ambulance going down Crestline Road on my way out of the subdivision, so I'm thinking there was another fire somewhere in the neighborhood....I'm wondering if we have an arsonist or something though because that's the second one in less than a month. :\

Haha...I'm watching "Tuvix." It's the most awkward episode of ST:Voy EVER. I really hate it.....? Love it......? It's a love/hate relationship.

Okay....list for Valentine's is as follows, let me know if you want to be added if you're not already on there:


Mom is getting some carnations, Chaney is going to get....idk yet. Keri is going to get some underwear and some fudge or cookies (probably cookies because I bet my collection of stuffed animals she has some weird thing against fudge). Sarah's getting fudge and cat food. Beth is going to get a care package of surprise and wonderful things that will be sent AFTER her card. Darwin is getting fudge. Ben is getting....I'm not sure because vegan's are hard to shop for when you yourself like steaks and stuff. Audrey will get something crocheted that will be sent AFTER her card. Kim will get....something....not sure what, and it will also be sent AFTER her card.

And me? What am I getting? A PICNIC~ I'm considering the Houston loli picnic on the 16th to be my Valentine's Day gift.

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(Also known as "The Huge Wall of Text" post)

Il est bel et bon

Il est bel et bon, bon, bon, commère, mon mari,
Il ètait deux femmes toutes d'un pays,
Disant l'une à l'autre avez bon mari?
Il ne me courrouce ne me bat aussi.
Il fait le ménage, il donne aux poulailles,
Et je prends mes plaisirs.
Commère c'est pour rire
Quand les poulailles crient:
Co, co, co, co, de, petite coquette, qu'est ceci?

So we are singing this song, "Il est bel et bon," in concert choir and it's (obviously) in French. And you know what? I really, really, really miss being in French class. I mean, I rocked the French honors students with my amazingly mad French skills. And you know how much French I can speak now? None. Well, practically none. I think the most complex thing I can say is est-ce que je peux aller au toilette s'il vous plait? That's right. I can ask if I can go potty. And that's basically it.

Well, okay. I can talk about weather, too. Par example, aujourd'hui, le 7 de février, il fait très froid. Mais, il ne fait pas pleut aujourd'hui. Je déteste le pleut. But that's it. That is pathetic. I was a French honors student for two years. I was in French for three years. I attended French Symposium three years in a row. I was asked to be in the French Honor Society. I rocked at French like Tom Paris rocks the holosuite. But now I don't. That is just pathetic.

I really want to take some French classes now and pick back up what I've forgotten. I don't like that I've forgotten so much of it. It really bothers me.

But since I'm on the subject of les toilettes...

The stupid women's potty keeps breaking at Party City. So I can never use it. It literally only works when I have no use for a toilet. And, yes, I have been saying potty for the vast majority of this post. Yes I am in college. Yes I still use the word "potty." It is one of my many charms. Potty. Gawd...just saying it makes me feel so juvenile.....

Je suis très fatigué maintenant. I don't know why though....


Haha...every time I hear someone say "That's not P.C." (as in "politically correct"), I think they mean "That's not Party City," because that's how we abbreviate Party City at, well, Party City.

Gawd I am in such a weird mood today.

For some reason, on the way to Party City from school, I was reminded of the train wreck that was graduation day. I really think that that whole day was absolutely disgusting. I cried once Keri, Trav, and I got there because I was really sad my dad would not be there and I remember specifically telling Keri not to tell anyone I had been crying, and yet as soon I climbed up on the risers for the seniors to rehearse SSB what do I hear but, "Hey Megan? Are you okay? Why were you crying?" What?!?! After the whole ceremony (which was long and boring and could have used some excitement) and eating a really late lunch with the family (Gene counts as family in my head, fyi) I was waiting and waiting and waiting at home for either Keri or Travis to call me to let me know whether or not they were going over to Whitney's party so I could get a ride, since I wasn't sure where she lived. By the time I FINALLY got in touch with one of them (Keri, because Lurch never answers his phone), I found out that they were both there and had FORGOTTEN to call me. Oh, and could I get a ride to Amy's that night because of some lame reason that meant they couldn't get me? Gee....thanks guys.

Really though, I'm glad all that shit happened and I was able to spend the night with Alex and Ben, because those two are the most amazing guys I have EVER known. Alex is so sweet and funny and Ben is.....Ben. 'nuff said.

But still....I wonder what warranted me being constantly "forgotten" all throughout middle and high school? I always felt like the last one to be included. And I know I wasn't the only one. There's another person, an absolutely brilliant and amazing person who was also left out a bunch and I honestly want to know why we weren't good enough to get invited everywhere. No, scratch that. I don't think I want to know. It would probably just be some lame-ass excuse anyways.

But you know what? Now I'm in college and I have at least two completely NEW people who think that I am kind of a big deal and fierce. And I like that. I just want to know why it took so long for anyone to notice.

Hehe...since I'm on the subject of Dad, I'm sure he'll be disgusted to know that Mommy got me an Elvis shirt for Christmas. He hated Elvis. Oh, and I've been blaring the King in the truck too. His truck. Elvis blaring in his truck. XD OH AND I AM PWNING EVERYONE AT CALCULUS DADDY!!!!!!! WOOO!
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22 January 2008 @ 04:38 pm
I hate science!!! Raarrghhh!!! I hate science!!!! No matter what, I am always wrong. Even when I have the right answer and I reached it in the correct way, I AM STILL WRONG!!! HOW does this happen??? TT__TT I just wish that I could do well in science-related classes.... I think it is some kind of scientific law that Megan will always FAIL at SCIENCE. D<

And in related news (okay not really).....Heath Ledger died today. He was found dead in his New York apartment from some kind of drug-related incident, I believe. I don't know...I've got mixed feelings about this. He was my first actor-crush and all. :\

In news that's actually related: I want to see Dark Knight. And the new Star Trek movie. And Mamma Mia. And....well, the list goes on and on. 8D
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