23 December 2011 @ 12:31 am
(Or, My Week with [livejournal.com profile] _samalander/Lauren) (spoiler alert: she's totally awesome)

Once upon a time, Emmy received an email from a friend saying she wanted to visit. Well this was simply unacceptable but Emmy wasn't sure how to turn her down without breaking her heart. So last Wednesday I sadly put my pajamas away and drove to the airport to pick up this bitch:

(The bitch on the right. That bitch on the left is Emmy herself.)

At least my cats liked her. )

In all seriousness, Lauren is complete sweetheart and she makes everything fun--even sitting in terrible parking lot traffic for over a half hour. I was really sad when she had to go and even now I still miss her because even when we were just sitting in the same room not talking because we were on tumblr, her very presence made everything 20% cooler.

I really hope that some time in the near future, we can manage to hang out again. We just need to drag Molly along with us in body (because she was with us in spirit the whole time).

We also made matching Fennec Foxes at BaBW. (Hilariously, she said she wanted a Fennec fox and then the very next day we went to BaBW.)

When she left, she said that her impression of Texas was that there are churches everywhere and that it takes 30 minutes to get anywhere. Which is...basically right. Also, she was under the impression that I didn't know what a coat is ("It's like a really heavy shirt."). But that's okay, she didn't know how big a megachurch was.

...and now I really need to go to bed.

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