03 August 2011 @ 10:26 am
Today started out brilliantly. Flawless. Woke up in a fab mood, ate breakfast with a cat on my lap while reading Sherlock fic, am wearing my favorite dress with my favorite cardigan and my favorite hair clip.

Halfway to work my truck rapidly overheated, started thumping and jerking, and pitched an old man fit. Pulled into a gas station, called Mom. By the time she got there she was basically useless. Had not thought to bring the coolant from the house with her so we had to buy some from the gas station. I told her to call Chaney because we needed an extra vehicle and she just stood there. Called him myself, told him to meet her there, and then took her truck to work with instructions that she shouldn't try taking the truck to any shop because I didn't think it would make it and that she should have Chaney follow her home (just in case something else happened and she needed someone to make decisions) and then to have him drive her to my work to pick up her truck and that I would find someone to drive me home.

Just got off the phone with her. She is still at the gas station. Apparently she thought it would be a good idea to NOT LISTEN to me and try to drive a car fixing place. I told her the truck wouldn't make it. I didn't even think it would make it home, hence my reason for calling Chaney. She didn't believe me. Luckily she didn't even get out of the parking lot. She called the car shop (it's owned by a family friend) and the guy is on his way to the gas station to look at my truck.

She is freaking out. She doesn't handle stress or sudden changes very well, and I would have stayed with her but I'm the only one working until the afternoon because Janie had a doctor's appointment scheduled for this morning so I had to go in to open the visitor's center up. But I know Chaney isn't going to be any help to her, and now she is crying and I don't think she knows up from down, forget about making decisions about what to do with my truck.

But I'm at work so there's nothing I can do, so I'm not going to bother worrying about it since there is nothing I can do. Nothing I can do.

I told her to have Chaney drive her up to work to get her truck so she can get to and from work today and took her house keys so she wouldn't have a choice. I know some people who could use the money so I'm going to call a friend and see if he can give me a ride to and from work this week until my truck is fixed. If he can't then I'll just have to wait until Chaney or his girlfriend* can pick me up and have Mom drop me off again in the morning. I don't think I'm working anymore this month, so it's no big deal. Just home from work today and then Thursday and Friday. No big deal, I don't have anywhere I needed to go that can't be done around Mom's work hours.

This does kind of ruin my plans for getting a second job though so idk about money anymore. I need a second job because we're having trouble making ends meet, and because my truck is so old (hence all the recent breaking of it) and I need to get something new (or at least, new for me).

Also a bummer to have this happen so close to my birthday (although I wasn't really looking forward to that anyway because of said money trouble).

But I'm really not upset or surprised by this at all since my truck is over ten years old. It's been breaking down more and more frequently over the last year and a half. The only thing I'm really bummed about is that the second job I was going to get was gong to help me save for a new car. And now all of that is up in the air and idk what I'm going to do if my truck is dead.

Blah blah bloop...I've done everything I can and there is nothing else I can do so I ain't even bovvered really in the grand scheme of things.

* Chaney's gf, I'm going to call her S, had a pipe break in her house and flood it so she is staying with us until that gets fixed. Idk, she has nice hair but I'm not too crazy about her.
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