Hey guys, I hope y'all had a great Thanksgiving yesterday, if you celebrate it. And if not, I hope your day was still wonderful.

I slept in a bit and so I missed the first few minutes of the Macy's parade. I was awake for all of my favorite things though. They had Pokemon floats and a Pikachu balloon. I was really disappointed they didn't add Woody to the mix in some way, but I think since they already had the Buzz balloon they figured it would be unnecessary. The Rockettes had such cute outfits. Like wee little Christmas presents. After that I watched Dragonball: Evolution (just as bad the second time around, but still HILARIOUS) and then it was time to cook!

We had a turkey breast (our family is too small to buy a full on turkey and finish it) with sweet peas, rolls, baked beans, and HOMEMADE MASHED POTATTOES courtesy of moi~. This is the first time we haven't used instant mashed potatoes and I was SHOCKED at how easy it was to make! I had several people share their recipes for various casseroles and potato-dishes but we didn't have time to make everything. But if you did pass on a recipe, I'm looking forward to trying it out for the upcoming holiday season!

After we ate, Mom and I cleaned up and then went outside to move some plants around since the temperature was supposed to drop overnight. It felt SO WARM though! I was wearing a very light sundress and it still felt a bit heavy. After doing that I made my very first pumpkin pie (delicious!). After we finished that we opened up our Golden Girls box set and watched a few episodes. But then Mom got sick of it (boo!) so we ended up watching Valentine's Day on some HBO off-shoot since our cable company is giving us a free trial period with it. I've been wanting to see it, and it was REALLY GOOD.

Then it was playing with cats while watching a doc on fish. And then more Golden Girls. And then bed. Well, more stuff happened that I've already forgotten, but you get the general idea XD

I know I spoke to a few of you yesterday, but I'd really like to thank all of you for being there for me. These last few years have been hard for me, and I really don't think I'd be where I am right now if it weren't for each of you. You've all given me unconditional love and support (and hardcore ass-kicking when required. As a group, y'all are the best friends I've had in years, and individually you are each superheroes that I admire. I am constantly in awe of how lucky I have been to meet each of you. We've been brought together by different things; lolita, writing, Star Trek, anime. But the one thing that all of you have in common is that you are extraordinary individuals and I am blessed to know you. I look forward to all of the things we're going to do together. Some of y'all are having bad years too. I hope I've been as supportive and helpful for you as you have been for me. And please know that even though things are rough for me, if you need me, I will help however I can.

I love you guys. Thank you so much for everything ♥
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16 August 2010 @ 12:31 am
('cause getting there is half the fun)

Got off work today and then went to Chili's with Mom and (gasp!) Chaney where we had a (double gasp!) very friendly dinner with NO ARGUMENTS (woo hoo!). Had a pina colada (though it was still technically illegal lol my birthday is tomorrow) and then came home and found out that one version of its origin has it being introduced on AUGUST 16TH. WHUT. So now I have a "birthday drink" lol.

Then we came home for cake~

cell phone pics because I was too lazy to look for my camera )

I forgot to take pictures of my balloons (Mom got me a Toy Story mylar, a 21st birthday mylar, a girly happy birthday mylar, and a single blue latex). The latex one will probably be down by the time I wake up (idk when exactly it was blown up, but unless HiFloat or the like was used, those things have a strict floatspan of about 10 hours max), but I'll try to remember to take a picture of the mylars tomorrow.

After I get off work tomorrow Gene's taking me to Outback Steakhouse, and then I'm going out with Beth and Rob on Tuesday. I think Belle mentioned wanting to take me out this weekend. Lol, I'm so popular now that I can drink. I just hope no one's disappointed when they find out I fully intend on continuing my not drinking motto as soon as the celebratory invitations have dropped off. Everyone keeps telling me that now that I'm ~legal~ I'm going to nix my non-alcoholic policy, but tbh I was eying the strawberry lemonade more than I was the pina colada Mom bought me.

DJ weirdly bought be a book of poetry. It looks really good, but I think he only got it for me because he wants up my skirt. Idk. I'll have to watch how I act with him. I'm too flirtatious naturally I think, and it gives people the wrong idea. SORRY I DON'T WANT TO SLEEP WITH YOU, I JUST LIKE FLIRTING WITH YOU.

Okay okay okay I am tired and am going to bed. God, this got so fucking ramble-y at the end. Sorry. Work was a bitch and Mom really wanted to go out to eat. I think I probably would have enjoyed just chilling at home with her while eating a pizza, but she wanted to treat me and I didn't want to hurt her feelings. It was nice though, the whole evening. Best not-birthday ever, so even if tomorrow sucks I can be happy with my new year.

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29 March 2010 @ 11:32 am
...have gone up HERE!

We're a little late having it this year. Hopefully it won't be so hot!

ALSO: Sarah and Kate and MY MOTHER OF ALL PEOPLE have managed to convince me to go to Anime Matsuri. Who all is going to be there?