18 February 2008 @ 02:07 pm
SO THE DAMNED ART REVIEW ISN'T DUE UNTIL WEDNESDAY. BUT on the bright side, he said I can e-mail him what I did (all of it) and he would correct it and send it back so I could fix it before turning it in, thus loosing fewer points. :D

Ugh. My arthritis is bothering me AGAIN--majorly this time. Both my hands and wrists and my whole right leg are all gross-feeling and my right knee has just been giving out randomly at least once a day for the whole weekend. That's something I really don't get. I don't think arthritis is supposed to cause that. Idk....I'm just scared to go to the doctor and have him run tests because I'm really worried I'm going to end up like one of those medical mystery shows where the person suffers for years with no/wrong answers only to discover they may just die. I'd like to live in blissful ignorance!

No I don't. But I don't want to find out I have, like brain cancer or something. :\

There is a guy a few computers away from me staring longingly at a slide show of Johnny Depp. XD

Ugh....this day is just so....whatever. I want to go hoooome. But I have to wait for mom to get out of claaaaas. This is why I need to make friends at college. Blech. But I hate most people my age! I mostly hang out with my mom and Gene, and their older than I am (obviously) and so I'm really not used to doing "young people" stuff. I think my mom's worried I'm turning into an old lady too fast, what with all of my yarn crafts, scrap booking, arthritis, and crazy cat-filled life. XD It's hard to explain to her that I'd rather act 80 than 18 if it means not doing a bunch of stupid shit that most college kids do. She did crazy stuff when she was younger, and she doesn't understand why I want to skip that phase in my life. It's so weird. Most parents would find me an ideal child. But nooooo....not mother. She wants a crazy party girl. She thinks I don't show enough skin when I go out XD It's just so weird. I think that's why we get along so well--she has such a "young" mind while I have such an "old" one. But I can act immature and/or my age when I want to! I just usually try not to because then I come of sounding like an idiot (at least to me).

AH! But I've discovered my Life Plan. It is as follows:
  • Get associates' degree with liberal arts major from Lone Star College-North Harris *cough*Beer University*cough*(that's seriously what they changed the name to DX Lone Star is a BEER company!)
  • Apply to and get into either Schreiner University, Austin College, or UT Austin
  • Get master's of English/education (double major!!! party!! ...or...not) with emphasis on gifted and talented education
  • go and teach high schoolers and change their lives with toga parties and weird existentialist projects!

XD Gawd, these kids are going to think their lilliputian teacher is on crack. I want to have a Keene-esque class. I learned A LOT but did (or seemed to do) very little work. It was inspiring and fun! I got to play with wire and newspaper! I got an A for showing up with a mirror when I was supposed to do an in depth project. But that may have not been so good....

Geez....GT was a dream. I think if more on-level and honors classes were taught like gifted classes then kids would enjoy learning. This teach to the test shit that NCLB forced into schools does nothing but slay the love for learning. A good teacher is able to simply teach, not to a test, but teach for the sake of learning, and the students will be able to pass the test. You can teach a kid how to take a test, but THAT ISN'T LEARNING. Ugh....I think that's the one thing that happened under the Bush administration that pisses me off the most. It really screwed over students nationwide.

Bah! Even just thinking about it makes me so angry!! D
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....because that's what happens when you go back to school. :)

Choir seems cool. I have a friend. :) I feel like such a dork for saying that. Her name's Erika and she has hair down to her KNEES! It's AMAZING~ She's a communications major and she sings, draws, dances, and plays piano. A quadruple threat, that one. Mr. What's-his-name wants me to be a soprano II/alto I...... wow. Me? Soprano. That's.....weird. At least he didn't say soprano I.....then I'd have to whack some sense into his head. Really, my little scale-singing time sucked. I was never that great at singing, and then that tube went down my throat.... :( I felt sorry for him having to listen to that.

AND OMG I HAVE ART HISTORY WITH DARWIN/TREY!!!!! Yay~ Now I have an excuse to see him twice a week plus more when we go to the museum to work on our homework. XD Conners is pretty cool, he kept saying stuff like, "And now you think your professor's on meth" and I kept thinking "No...I've seen a teacher drugged up and you are definitely not there (yet)" But yeah....Robert from English is there. Fun fun fun.

Tomorrow I've got Calculus and Astronomy....yay yay yay. But boo because I have a three hour break between the two, but I can't pick up any more hours because it will "overload" me. Please....I can take freaking 19 hours. Just because some people can't deal with the stress doesn't mean I can't. *thinks top out rule is lame*

Oh, more lame things: the No Child Left Behind act (I have more to hold against this piece of legislature now), Gov. Rick Perry's new temporary housing, and my lack of yogurt. BLAH......I just feel....weird right now.
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