29 March 2011 @ 02:23 pm
Working on a test for geology. I'm kind of ashamed that I remember so little from physical and historical. This test should be a breeze.

Heading to the pet store later on today to pick up more vitamins for the cats and some more bath sand for the hammy. Possibly will also pick up some more toys and some flea medicine (it's that time of year again!). Last year we had a bit of a disaster where the flea preventative we purchased did not work and that was a nightmare. I'm hoping it won't happen again. The vet said that it wasn't totally uncommon for the stuff to not work every once in a while. It was extraordinarily frustrating though, because flea preventative for four cats is quite expensive (even if you get the cheapest available stuff, which we don't). Anyone have any recommendations on brands/tactics that have worked for y'all? We were using Advantage, then switched to Frontline (or the other way around, can't remember), combined with shampoo that supposedly helps fight fleas or whatever and giving them brewer's yeast/garlic tablets. Other than putting my babies into plastic bubbles idk what to do. I really don't want a repeat of last year...

Got my essay finished and turned in, and paid my deposit, so I'm going on the Llano trip. April 16-17. I'm looking so forward to it.

I got a FFQ during the Faerie Quest event on Neo, so I painted my ixi plushie. I picked up four chombies on Chomby Day. Laurentia will stay blue (my favorite chomby color), and Diplosdokos and Diplodocinae will be painted Royal (Girl and Boy respectively). I'm looking to trade or adopt Panthalassa. My lab rats have been getting horrible zaps lately, but I've splurged and purchased a petpet lab map and am working on getting a third secret lab map. I have so many pets I've adopted with plans to zap, but I don't have enough lab rays. My gallery's been put on hold again, because I've started purchasing a lot of wearables so that I can customize my guys.
28 March 2011 @ 10:44 am
Just got done watching "The End of Time." Now I really want to see a mv for The Master to The Ting-Tings' song "The Drums." I'm actually a bit surprised I couldn't find one.

Netflix doesn't have S5 available for instant streaming. I'm trying to decide if I want to wait for the dvds or just watch online. So far I haven't found anywhere with very good quality that offers it streaming, and I've never really liked downloading. Too much waiting with that.

I have a paper due today on the Big Bend trip that is only half finished. I really want to just screw it and make brownies and pies instead, but if I don't turn this in I'm not eligible for the Llano trip and I already told Yuri I was going.

He's kind of the reason I want to make a pie. He said he likes apple pies and that his weakness is his stomach (as if I couldn't figure that out by watching him eat) and so I kind of want to make him a pie to...idk. Woo him or whatever. Rebecca says it's a good idea. I think I've gone slightly mad. Other attempts at wooing guys with my cooking have proven iffy at best.

I really need to clean. I can't walk in my room without stepping on something. It would help if I got my laundry finished up because most of what is tossed about is clothing.

My brother heard me listening to Josie and the Pussycats yesterday and thought it was Joan Jett. I don't even know how you can make that mistake.

The pet store (Petco or Petsmart idk which one) is having a hamster ball derby this Saturday. I really want to take Pixel but I can't find her ball. I'll probably go regardless just to watch. I have a little extra money so I think I might get her the hammy play area (this one) I've been wanting for the last year. I got Bernie a crinkle tube and the stupid cat is afraid of it. Kiwi loves it, but every time Bernie hears it he goes running.


I should really stop procrastinating and finish my essay.
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22 March 2011 @ 11:50 am
The "Big Bend Expedition" (as the field guide calls it) was absolutely wonderful. Pictures forthcoming. It was, as advertised, "seven days of heaven." Well, six days, plus one spent in a dramamine-induced haze. (Apparently even the non-drowsy version cures motion sickness by knocking you out cold.) I didn't get very many specimens (more on that later) but I did get a javelina-shaped cookie cutter, a pressed penny, and one VERY strong margarita ('I thought you didn't drink?' Yeah. More on that later.)

Turns out I will be able to afford the Llano trip (E-Rock here I come!), but there are only 21 spots available and 51 students in the Historical classes alone (I'm in Geology of Texas and we've got another 18 students all vying to get on the trip since we know how AWESOME Hobbs' trips are). First ones to pay the $40 deposit get a place. Unfortunately, those of us GoT students who were on the Big Bend trip (16/17, one guy had to leave to go to a funeral half way through the week) have to turn in a two page+, single-spaced write up on that expedition before we're eligible to go to Llano. Insert much hair pulling and head desking here. We need to include our favorite "experiences" of the trip as well as a discussion of the three most significant sequences we observed. I'm sort of stuck on that because I'm unsure of whether he means significant in geologic terms, or simply significant to us. Also, the highlight of the trip for me was almost-but-not-quite holding hands with Yuri while we were wrestling over the same chip in the chip bag. Not quite sure if I should mention that in such great detail in an academic paper.

Still NO JORB. I'm so broke I want to cry. I just want to buy things. Lots of things. FOREVER.

I made some really delicious onion soup the other day. Also some delicious potatoes, with many thanks to Lauren for telling me how to make them. And there was some extraordinarily sub-par gingerbread yesterday.

Just started my period yesterday so I am filled with so much blah today it isn't even funny. It's also Chomby Day on Neopets, so I'm refreshing over there trying to get one.

Last night while driving home I was struck with this REALLY STRONG sense of missing Rebecca. I enjoy geology, but it's just missing that sort of je ne sais pas it had when she was right next to me to pass snarky sex notes to.
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14 November 2010 @ 10:43 pm
Well, last weekend I went to central Texas with my geology class. We had lots of fun and I whored out with Becca. We also swooned over our SI who is DELISH. Most of my pictures are on my camera, but here's one I took from the top of Enchanted Rock (an uplifted batholith exfoliation dome if that means anything to y'all) with my cell:

snip snip snip )

And then we went home and now I think I am sick. My tonsils and lymph nodes are swollen and it hurts to swallow. You should see my throat. It's gross.