25 July 2008 @ 11:35 am
  • Easy-to-use interface
  • Inspired by Firefox ♥
  • Integrates Twitter, facebook, livejournal, Gmail, and feeds so that they are all in one place together
  • Good speed

  • No way to integrate deviantART (because despite the fact that I hate the "new" dA, I still cannot get away from it)
  • No way to adjust mood, location, and music for a LJ entry (that I know of).
  • Doesn't have any themes for it like Firefox does
  • All that integration has destroyed any chance I had of spending half the day doing these activities.
  • No way to integrate dA

I still like it; I'm probably still going to use it when I'm in a hurry, but I think Firefox will remain my browser of choice until I can figure out how to get my dA stuff through Flock (because I can't live without my twiiiiiiiiiinnnnnnn, [livejournal.com profile] kelly_noel). I do recommend that others try it out and see if it works for themselves, however. It's quite handy and I'm really fond of it in the way that one is fond of your spouse's bastard child borne from his union with a crack whore that's just as--if not better than--your own kids at succeeding in life. ;p
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25 July 2008 @ 01:02 am
Lol....playing around and experimenting with different browser because....well, I don't have much experience with them. XD; So far, I've had experience with:
  • Internet Explorer: Too slow and very awkward for me to use (especially the latter versions)
  • Netscape: Just lacked that certain....something
  • AOL: It was AOL...what do you think?!
  • AT&T Yahoo!: Reeeeeeally slow on my computer. :[
  • Firefox: Love love love...but considering the only thing I have to compare it to are browsers I've hated, that's not really saying much. XD

Now I'm experimenting with Flock, and so far I'm pretty pleased. I think my biggest complaint is that I can't integrate deviantART like I can LJ, facebook, and my Gmail account. I need to look into it further though, and see if there's any way around that.

Yeah....so now I'm using Flock's "Blog Post" feature. Let's see how well this works.....
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