12 October 2010 @ 07:23 am
Okay, call me repetitive, but I really want to stay home with my cat. And I realize that I said this on Thursday, but today I have a valid reason for saying this.

I got home from work on Sunday and discovered Bernie had a deep injury on his back, near-ish to his right hip. No big, put some medicine on it and gave him a big hug. Yesterday (Monday) I went to put more medicine on it before work and it had turned BRIGHT RED. Cue concern and almost crying at work. After discussing it with mom we agreed to whip out the credit cards and I am taking my baby to the vet today after class. It has to be me because mom's working all day today (7-9) and Chaney doesn't know how to speak responsibly to a health care provider.

What I'm not telling mom is that I am going to have to miss Scott Westerfeld's Houston appearance on his Behemouth tour in order to do this. Because then she'd take off work or we would have to postpone it (which would be bad).


I really want to go. And I feel like that makes me a bad mother.

I just hope that when we see the vet she says it's not a serious thing and that I'm blowing it out of proportion and to just keep putting medicine on it. Crossing my fingers.

In other news:
- work sucks
- purikura doesn't
- I really want to skip class today
- But won't
- where the fuck is my period?
- new boots!
- Pixel will ALMOST (but not quite) let me touch her
- THE EVENT. Omg. So good! (But haven't seen Monday's ep yet *sob sob*)
- PROJECT RUNWAY. Gretchen was ACTUALLY NICE. I mean, I think she's doing it to be manipulative. But still.

Okay, going to class. Love you tons, bitches ♥