04 August 2011 @ 10:26 am
Here it is~

I was so happy to be able to make a front and back cover for this one. My off-brand version of photoshop isn't totally compatible with Windows 7 so it likes to crash on me. That's not so bad when I'm making a mix for fun and have all the time in the world to finish it, but it proved to be problematic during [livejournal.com profile] classictrekbb since I had a due date that had to be met. That was part of the reason why my posting of those was so erratic. I was super happy to not only be able to be ready in time to post this one, but to also be able to get the usual front and back covers done.

In addition to that wonderfulness, the mix is fifteen tracks long (5 x 3, my two favorite numbers!) and the story the mix is for is absolutely wonderful!

Now I've got to knock out a mix for [livejournal.com profile] brb_gallifrey, as well as the Oracle Create-a-thon/in honor of the Batgirls. I want to do a Harry Potter mix, but I'm kind of stumped for ideas on that one.

In other news, got my truck fixed. The radiator had a crack so it wasn't too much to fix, just needed a new one and to have my truck's liquids replenished.

All this week I have been challenging myself to wear things in ways I normally wouldn't. On Tuesday this was accomplished by wearing a square silk scarf as a headband, and by wearing a vintage dress that is really lovely but difficult for me to style. The only downside was that I forgot that particular dress wrinkles really easily so I was a bit rumpled all day. I also wore flats (I always wear heels to work) but that was mostly because my back was bothering me.

Yesterday I wore my black and white floral cut out dress. It's hard for me to find places to wear it because it's a halter top dress with a low back and high waist. I remedied this by wearing a black tank top under it. I also mixed patterns by wearing a pink and white striped cardigan, and then used a belt to lower my visual waist. Loved it, but it was not a good thing to be wearing when I had to pop the hood of my truck up and fuss under there.

Today I'm mixing black and brown, which is something I really hate. I'm also wearing all neutral colors from the ears down. It's not too bad though because I have some black slingback pumps with brown leopard-print buckles on them. I'm wearing them with a black dress, black pin-striped blazer, and a brown scarf. Mixing patterns again with the stripes on my blazer and circular, paisley-esque pattern on the scarf. I'm also wearing one of my tsumami kanzashi (I think this is the right name? Folded silk flower hair ornament thingy?). Except I did a stupid thing and put the damn thing in and THEN sprayed my head with hair spray, which is supposed to be bad for the silk. Idk, can't change it now.

I've also take to wearing earrings all this week because my holes started to close up and I am way too lazy to get them repierced if that happens.

I'm trying to update this more often. I feel bad not posting things. I'm kind of obsessed with tumblr because of how easy it is to post things there and that's kind of led to me ignoring LJ.
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Fandom: Doctor Who
Subject: [livejournal.com profile] foxrafer's fic, Crossing Into Established Events for [livejournal.com profile] scifibigbang (master post here)
Title: If Next Time Is This Time, Then This Time We'll Get It Right

Notes: This is an absolutely wonderful fic. [livejournal.com profile] foxrafer has done an absolutely spectacular job of capturing Martha and Nine's voices, as well as creating a unique relationship between the two. It was so nice to see Martha interact with the Doctor without having Rose overshadow how completely amazing she is and how much ingenuity she has.

This is one of those rare mixes where I hit the nose at fifteen tracks, which is significant for me because fifteen is what I consider to be a perfect amount of tracks because you get the number by multiplying my two favorite numbers--five and three. Just wanted to brag a little about that because I love it when the right songs just happen to be one of my favorite numbers :)

tracklist under cut )

Mix + covers @ dropbox (.zip)

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