12 December 2008 @ 08:07 pm
For those of you who remember my obsessive searching for a blue sparkly dress over the summer, I think I may have found it--The One.

How ironic is it that just when I am getting ready to give up, and about a month and a half after I stopped actively seeking one, that this one popped its way into my life. It is a bit more than what I wanted to pay, but I just got my paycheck and it's a bit larger than I had originally anticipated, so this won't set me back at all! Plus, since it's from Forever 21, I know that there's a really good chance of it fitting me well since that store offers XS's!

It's so perfect, I'm going tomorrow to see if I can get it. Squee!
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17 June 2008 @ 11:44 pm
I'm on a quest for something...something blue. And sparkly!

I'm trying to find a blue sparkly dress to wear for a mermaid themed photo shoot and to just wear for fun. I can't seem to find one. It needs to be sparkly all over, not just in a sparkly pattern. I would prefer to stay away from sequins, but I really can't be picky because I'm having such a hard time finding ANY sparky blue dresses. Know of any places I can hit up? So far I've tried e-bay and a handful of vintage websites. I'd prefer to pay $60, less would be absolutely fantabulous.

Help, please?

Also I have Thursday off, so if anyone wants to do anything give me a buzz. I'm thinking I want to hit up movie tavern in one of my old prom dresses, for kicks...y'know? It's much cleaner than the "regular" movie theater here. Let me know. :]

Also, I want to channel Francesca Lia Block's Weetzie Bat/Dangerous Angels books. Oh, and i you haven't read them, SHAME ON YOU! She is a fantastic wordsmith, I adore her absolutely.

Weetzie wished she could shake blue glitter around all of them - keeping them sparkling and safe."

- Francesca Lia Block, Weetzie Bat
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16 June 2008 @ 12:09 am
Today's word is....

spark·ly (spär'klē)
adj. spark·li·er, spark·li·est

1. a) Giving off tiny flashes of light; glittery: a dress with sparkly sequins. b) Lively; vivacious: a sparkly personality.
2. Effervescent.


From Gala Darling's Style Tips:

♥ Wear something sparkly, get in the bath, pool or a big puddle, & have a mermaid photoshoot.

11:11 by =girltripped on deviantART

I've recently begun attempting to cut any and all over the counter medications from my life. The results have been...interesting. But I'm not here to piss and moan about my current predicament. In fact, I find I complain about my life much too much.

It's so easy to sit back and whine that you're bored and there is nothing to do in the summer and that all of your friends either hate you (or vice versa) and that life must absolutely despise you because the world is so dull--but how hard is it to get up and actually do something about it?

I'm relatively self-sufficient. I have a truck with a (as of now) full gas tank. I have a (relatively) well-paying job. I'm a creative, vivid individual with gobs of energy and spunk. Why, in the name of the Grand Creator of Everything, can I not simply entertain myself?

Hmmm...good question.

So, I have resolved (as I believe you should, too) that tomorrow will be absolutely, utterly, completely, unbelievably FANTASTIC. And I believe whole-heartedly that you should resolve to do the very same.

Dress up in your absolute finest (whatever that may be). Let's face it--it can be great fun to dress up for no apparent reason. So put on all of your frills, glitter, jewels, or whatever it is you use for "fancy-dress" and go out and do...whatever you want. Run errands. Treat yourself to an extra-large smoothie. Go to a yoga class (actually, this is probably a bad idea!). Catch a movie. Wander the mall. Eat at a fancy (or, better yet, really not fancy!) restaurant. Lounge around the house. When people scratch their heads and ask you what the occasion is, tell them that it is a celebration--of yourself. Then give them your most dazzling smile and waltz off in all of your glory.

Because YOU deserve a holiday. Not just a holiday off from work and school and life in general, but a special day to celebrate all that is you. Read something by your favorite author. Get your favorite food. YOU deserve it. You are amazing, spectacular, utterly FIERCE. Why shouldn't you celebrate yourself? You are beautiful and effervescent. You are brilliant and witty and fine. There is no one in this world who is like you--and that is the best possible trait about yourself. You are original. You are authentic. You are unquestionably YOU. You are creation of this universe--and a masterpiece at that!

So take tomorrow and embrace yourself and make sure that your life, if only for one day, is sparkly.

- ♥

On another, more serious note: How do you describe your religion (or, non-religion) to someone who has never even heard of your beliefs before?

About a month ago, I, along with several members from my choir, were singing at our director's church and my religious leanings came up when I didn't pray. Now, for those of you who don't know, my religious views are best described as deist. As such, I don't really believe in prayer. One of the girls in my choir then asked me what deism was. I floundered. I had no idea how to quickly explain it. I could have, given about 10 minutes, but it was just a passing curiosity and she wanted a two second reply. The fastest statement of my beliefs was: "Well deism is a religion that grew out of Christianity and was most popular between the sixteen- and eighteen-hundreds. It's essentially belief in God, but in a God who created the universe and everything within in and stepped back to watch what happens. It may seem like abandonment, but it's really just a grand experiment." Yeah....I kind of failed. But I had never before realized how difficult it is to summarize such a meaningful thing in such a small amount of time.

Has anyone ever been faced with this sort of predicament before? It's surprisingly had to just cram your beliefs into a nutshell.

And with that thought, I bid you all a fair good night, because it is like 3 o' clock in the morning and I have a busy day planned. :)
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