26 August 2008 @ 07:29 am
I keep having dreams of an inappropriately romantic nature about one of my managers at work. I know that dreams don't actually necessarily reflect irl feelings, but I'm finding it difficult to talk to him now because all I can think about when I look at him is, 'Oh hey I was making out with you in my dream,' or , 'Last night we were dating.'


I hope this passes quickly. Gawd...I think I just need someone to flirt with or something. I've been feeling "romantically frustrated" lately. No, I don't need a boyfriend, but some attention from the opposite sex that isn't from some creeper pedophile/cradle robber would be nice. The two girls I met in Public Speaking yesterday both got married right out of high school to their high school sweethearts, and while I do feel I'm too young to get married, I can't help but feel way too level-headed when it comes to romance. It's always school and work first, and then friends and family, and stuff I would like to accomplish, and then romance. It feels as if the way I want to live my life has left no room for all of the cute-sy little relationships that kids have when they are my age. I feel like I'm missing out. I'd hate to say it, but maybe my driven and goal-oriented lifestyle isn't suited for romance. It sucks, because I'd love to get swept off my feet sometime.

I mean, I don't want to change how I am just so it can happen, but it would be nice if I could meet a guy who could do it--yanno?

(lol...I have a Star Trek icon for every aspect of my life it seems XD BxT forever!!!!)
Current Mood: aggravated