14 October 2010 @ 07:31 pm
I want to go to New Zealand. And I think Becca might have been serious when she said she'd go with.

US passport holders can get in sans visa as long as we have a return ticket and proof that we can support ourselves ($1000 NZD or just under $800 USD for each month we plan on staying up to three months). I want to go for about two months. That's $1600. Plus stay in a furnished apartment (I like being able to do laundry and cook), so that's going to be $300+ (leaning probably closer to $600+, I need to investigate the choices more thoroughly). Plus airfare and I need to get a passport.

Fuck, I can do this.

And if Becca's really serious about doing it with, I think it can be a done deal.

And that totally terrifies me. But I don't think I've ever wanted to visit anywhere so badly in my life before. And I have been saying that I wanted to get away from home for an extended period of time next year. February to May is summer/autumn over there. Beautiful weather.

If they ask me to stay at PC a little longer, I'll do it. Good money means that this will be more likely to happen. If not, I'll figure a way out. Ask for money for Christmas like a douche or something.

I'm shaking right now. I want to do this.