02 June 2009 @ 09:54 pm
I want a new lj layout, but I can't find any that I really like. Where have y'all found yours?

I've started making icons again. Maybe I'll post a batch in a few days?

The Grandmother leaves tomorrow. (yay)

Gene came over and made us steaks. My brother acted like an ass. All things as usual.

A-kon was not as fun as I would have liked. That's all I'll say about that. Kyandi discovered my fascination with female dressing habits. I've never been particularly girly, so I always get a kick out of watching chicks get dressed and put on makeup and do their hair and such. Kammie and Michael and I did purikura on Sunday. That was super ginormous fun. I bought a crapload of super cute stationary that I will most likely never use.

I'm totally bringing back the side ponytail.

I've had a killer headache all day.

Thursday I'm seeing Kate. I can't decide what to wear~

AH! I bought some new boots the other day. They're brown with mad fringe on the side. They make me want to wear a feather in my hair and are suuuper comfy~

Anyone want to see Star Trek with me? I've already seen it twice and want to see it again badly.

Lol...there really isn't a point to this entry, I just felt like updating.
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27 May 2009 @ 10:55 am
This is mostly A-kon stuff for safekeeping.

Pack list )

Anything missing from that list? I couldn't catch anything.

Ah, let's see, let's see....

Today's been a good day. Mom and I had a pillow fight of all things. Honestly, why couldn't she have wanted to do these sorts of things when I was a kid? She never wanted to do that stuff when I was eight. XD

I finally got my inhaler refilled. About time too, I went almost the whole semester without it because I was just "too busy."

I downloaded a Star Trek mood theme :3 And I've uploaded a few new icons. AND I HAVE A NEW DEFAULT ICON THANKS TO MY DARLING KELLY BEAN! :D She is so awesome.

Ummm.....there was more I wanted to say, but my allergies are killing me so I'm just going to end this here.
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27 March 2009 @ 08:03 am
(with apologies to Achebe for title theft)

I'm not getting the apartment. I'm not going to Japan. I have furniture in my garage and a knife set in my room. I don't have a passport. I'm not going to need to learn Japanese EVER because I blew off my last chance to go (like an idiot). I've also just wasted a year of school.

I need to do something. I need to get away from here, or I'm going to go mad.

Anyone need a roomie for A-kon?
04 July 2008 @ 04:38 am
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Lions and Tigers and Bears--oh my! (Not really) +9387834701556348738 )
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06 June 2008 @ 11:36 am
So, I know I've mentioned this before, but I really wish my package delivery man would wear his uniform. I almost missed a V.I.P. (very important package!) today because he dresses like a ghetto-man and I'm scared to open the door at first glance. (He's actually quite nice and soft-spoken).

This V.I.P. was my long-awaited Vintage Cherry jsk and ribbon headdress/bow thing from Meta. :) Qapla'!!! And.......(can you believe this??).........IT FITS. Like a glove, so absolutely perfectly. Double epic win. I do think that I may sell the ribbon headdress bow thing though, because when I ordered this stuff I still had my long hair and now I have short hair and it looks a bit......wonky. But, I'm going to play around and see if I can find a way to make it look alright.

Also, Meta sent me a bonus gift! I got their Room Print pillow, which is so great because it matches my room decor and I had been considering buying it when it showed up on [livejournal.com profile] egl_comm_sales a few weeks back. :]

I did decide to get Meta's special set. I'm just not going to buy anything else for the rest of the summer. Well, okay. I may buy some socks from Sock Dreams, but that's it. No more big lolita purchases.

IRL stuff )

And now....for my A-kon review. (lol....this is soooo late!)

First, con meme )

Ah.....A-kon. Alex drives like a fucking psycho. Maddie needed to get out of the bathroom. We took too much food. Sam got all his boxes stolen by the cleaning ladies. I HAD FUN. I wish I had gone to the cosplay contest, but whatever. Little regrets..... It was worth it. I have been dying to go and it was everything (and nothing!) that I expected.

I do wish I had been able to hang out with Kammie and co. But~ I guess we'll just have to be more organized next time.

I keep trying to upload my photos to Facebook, but for some reason it won't let me. I'm going to try again tomorrow and hope for the best!!!

I'm working on "Yesterday, Today, and Yesterday" and "From One Devil to Another" again. Hopefully I can get them up to a decent level. But~ my attention wanders and there is so much more I want to write instead. *has such a wandering attention span*

Also, I'm re-obsessed with Neopets. I can be found as poem_gal7
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30 May 2008 @ 03:00 pm
So [livejournal.com profile] naive_wanderer had to get all excitement-making and change her layout to something really cute and snazzy. Unfortunately I don't know any html, and I greatly lack mad photo-shopping skills so I just plucked a new one out of LJ's offerings. Like/love/hate? I don't care. XD

Too many of my friends are posting about A-kon things-to-do. I find it a bit panic-making because I haven't really had a chance to think about it much, what with me being as sick as I was just a few days ago. But now I'm better so I'm hoping I can get everything done in time. This means......LIST TIEMS!!!!!

* - indicates need to buy item/complete task
** - indicates someone else bringing
aa - indicates already bought/task finished

Tasks to do:
Plan wardrobe
Pick up and cash paycheck (Friday) *
Find other boot *
Laundry */** (in process of doing)
Plan 3 lolita coordinates: 1 2 3
Mend damaged clothing *
Find mp3 player and headphones

Food Pack List:
10 Instant Ramen cups (rough count) *
1 Package of cookies *
1 Box of granola bars *
1 Package of saltine crackers *
Jam **
Water **
Yogurt **
Plastic-ware **
? Snacks for ride there/back *
1 Box of Pop Tarts **

Regular Pack List:
underthings (bras, panties, bloomers, etc.)
sleep wear (v. important--DO NOT FORGET!!)
soap things
coordinate #1
coordinate #2
coordinate #3
extra outfit for trip home
cell phone charger
battery charger

Click for Outfits )

Bah! I've run out of time. I'll have to finish this list and whatever else I was going to say when I get back from work.
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25 April 2007 @ 08:57 pm
You know that there's something wrong with you when you're begging your mother to let you go to school. I mean, WTF??? Most kids are begging to skip school. Geez....

So I'm sick again. Surprise there. I mean, since when aren't I? Well, it was a nice run, I wasn't ill and my only complaint was some really kinda bad joint pain and a migraine every once in a while. Oh, and to my doctor (who will most likely never read this): RHEUMATOID ARTHRITIS MY ASS!!!! I bet it's some horribly incurable disease that I'm going to die from and thus have named after me. But really, it's strange, I've never had migraines up until recently (as in this year) and so that's weird...

But anyways...

A-kon Rant (that's a new one) )

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