08 February 2008 @ 05:53 pm
All of a sudden I find that I am dying to get my hands on some black punkma stuff. Which makes no sense because I really, really, really, really hate punkma. I just kind of want something so I can be all "yeah I hate this, but I bought it anyways because I'm loaded like that." Except I'm not loaded, so I can't afford to just buy stuff I hate just for the sake of buying stuff.

But I did get paid today. I think I'll buy some socks.

Speaking of Party City....I'm not there right now (as I'm sure you guys have noticed). I started feeling really bad, so they sent me home. I think the managers are worried I'm going to end up in the hospital again, and they don't want it to happen on their watch. Kidding......

In good news.....

I GOT KIM'S PACKAGE TODAY! The coat dress thingamajig fits like a charm. I'll post pictures when I'm feeling better. But yeah.....I was really excited it finally got here. I was all "omg when's it gonna cooooooooooome," which is weird because I'm usually pretty level-headed when it comes to waiting for packages. It's usually when they get here that I flip out.

Bah....oh well. Me = happy.

AND OMG PROJECT RUNWAY GUYS!!!!!!!! Christian's outfit was totally FIERCE. And I am so glad that cry baby Ricky is off. I really didn't like him. I'm not sure who I want to go next....I think everyone I didn't like has been given the boot at this point.

So? So? Any final three predictions? I think it's going to be Christian, Jillian, and......I'm not sure. I like Chris' stuff, but the judges' don't always seem to. I guess I would be okay if Sweet Pea made it to the top three. But I don't really like Rami....so not him.
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08 February 2008 @ 10:26 am
I think I am sexually attracted to socks. Oh my gosh....socks are so amazing. I am in love with socks. I am going to marry a pair of socks. Who needs guys when you can have (drum roll please... socks. I mean seriously. I love socks.

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01 November 2007 @ 06:47 pm
Just blew 16 bucks on one pair of socks. I am teh awesome. XD
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