13 July 2011 @ 12:33 am
Spent the weekend staring mindlessly at the computer screen at work. On Sunday I got off and really didn't want to be alone at home so I called Beth up and wheedled Rob and we all went out for Mexican and ice cream. There was a creepy guy at Taco Cabana staring at us, but considering our decision to leave lead to us getting ice cream, I am a-ok with that.

Monday saw me doing some shopping with Mom and we found some shoes for Lauren's wedding. Hopefully they'll go with the dress. I was kind of nervous buying them since I haven't even seen the dress in person, but they were what Lauren wanted (white sandals with a stacked "wood" heel/wedge) and were on super sale. Crossing my fingers they'll work because it'll be too late to return them by the time I get the dress.

Today was A Very Not Good Day. My asthma's been bothering me all day and starting late afternoon I started feeling the effects of not breathing. Felt so worn out that I decided it would be a Lump Day and settled in Mom's room to watch Merlin. I also discovered her blu-ray player can play Youtube videos so I looked up some Harry Potter music videos and almost cried. Then I took a shower and then my body started hurting. Somewhere in the middle of all of this I managed to drag myself up to do a load of laundry so I'd have something to wear to work tomorrow. That is huge.

And then I rewatched Turn Left and I have so many feelings. SO. MANY. FEELINGS.

And now I am staring at the clock and trying to will myself up to clear my bed off so I can go to sleep because I have work tomorrow morning.

Current Mood: listless