12 October 2010 @ 07:23 am
Okay, call me repetitive, but I really want to stay home with my cat. And I realize that I said this on Thursday, but today I have a valid reason for saying this.

I got home from work on Sunday and discovered Bernie had a deep injury on his back, near-ish to his right hip. No big, put some medicine on it and gave him a big hug. Yesterday (Monday) I went to put more medicine on it before work and it had turned BRIGHT RED. Cue concern and almost crying at work. After discussing it with mom we agreed to whip out the credit cards and I am taking my baby to the vet today after class. It has to be me because mom's working all day today (7-9) and Chaney doesn't know how to speak responsibly to a health care provider.

What I'm not telling mom is that I am going to have to miss Scott Westerfeld's Houston appearance on his Behemouth tour in order to do this. Because then she'd take off work or we would have to postpone it (which would be bad).


I really want to go. And I feel like that makes me a bad mother.

I just hope that when we see the vet she says it's not a serious thing and that I'm blowing it out of proportion and to just keep putting medicine on it. Crossing my fingers.

In other news:
- work sucks
- purikura doesn't
- I really want to skip class today
- But won't
- where the fuck is my period?
- new boots!
- Pixel will ALMOST (but not quite) let me touch her
- THE EVENT. Omg. So good! (But haven't seen Monday's ep yet *sob sob*)
- PROJECT RUNWAY. Gretchen was ACTUALLY NICE. I mean, I think she's doing it to be manipulative. But still.

Okay, going to class. Love you tons, bitches ♥
Okay, separate post because I didn't want all of this personal stuff jammed in with my PLEA FOR HELP (for srs guys...CANCER KILLS and even guys can get breast cancer. LET'S FIGHT THIS FIEND!)

FIRST OFF~ To everyone who commented on my last WOEFUL POST OF WOE which involved LAMENTING MY LACKING LOVE LIFE:


Thank you so much for giving me thoughtful advice and for caring ♥ My view on marriage is disgustingly skewered because, for the longest part of my life, the only married couples I knew who had stayed together for any sizable amount of time had all married RIDICULOUSLY YOUNG (all married between the ages of 15 and 19, if I remember correctly) or RIDICULOUSLY QUICKLY (met and married in six weeks and they didn't even speak a common language!!!!!) and so I tend to still think that's the only way marriage works sometimes, especially late at night when I'm tired and paranoid. So thanks for being so wonderful to me guys.

Second piece of news: I AM QUITTING MY JOB AT THE SCHOOL! (yay me!)

I am going back to Party City for three months-ish to help with the Halloween season. Not super thrilled about having to do that, but at least I'll be going back during my favorite time of year. I'm hoping by Halloween my hair will be long enough for me to do shit with it so my hairstyle can match whatever costume I end up wearing. I am really regretting donating my collection though. I took everything to Goodwill a few weeks ago, figuring I'd never need so many costumes again. Now I'm going to have to buy at least two more (crossing my fingers that my taxi costume will be usable again this year). Oh well, I like costume shopping.

Grandmother's coming this weekend. It's all really impromptu. So you know I'm looking forward to being told I'm a shit daughter for daring to get an education instead of just settling down with a rich man and popping out babies. Because, you know, my sole purpose in life is to re-enact Cinderella's life before her fairy godmother intervened.


Mom's paying for my truck's insurance next month since I shelled out for the new version of MS Office, so I'm taking my paycheck tomorrow and buying some yarn for Rob's scarf. Still can't decide what stitch I'm going to use for it, I'll have to see what yarn I like and then just pick whatever stitch will suit the yarn I guess. Usually when I make a scarf I just pick a stitch at random, but I've never made anything for a guy and I'm pretty damn sure he doesn't want wee little popcorns or any shells or anything. I'm leaning towards ribbing done with a single crochet using three different colors, but I'll have to see.

Crap, just realized I'm going to have to get my hooker boots' heels re-enforced if they're going to last another year working. Guess I have to find a...um, cobbler? Idk. SHOE REPAIRMAN.

I'm going to sell my BtSSB Angel Grosgrain jsk even though I love the print. I really don't like wearing all pink, and especially since it's empire waisted, I feel like it makes me look super young. If any of you are interested in it, let me know and we can talk price. I'd be willing to sell it for a mite less than I'd ask for if I posted it on h_l (I refuse to use the sales comm anymore, I hate how it's being regulated and whatnot).

I've been watching River Monsters every chance I've gotten. I'm addicted to hearing about HORRIBLE FISH.

Speaking of tv, OMG PROJECT RUNWAY TONIGHT. I promised mom I'd record it though and wait for her to get home to watch it though. I may just watch it a second time with her and tune in for it in a few minutes. Idk.

ALSO OMG SHARK WEEK. I am so there. It'll keep me sane while the Grandmother is about.

Saw Inception. Oh. my. GOD. It was amazing. My heart was pounding the whole fucking time. I want to see it again.

Thinking of redoing my mood theme now that TS3's come out. I think I'll resize the pictures, make them a wee bit bigger. Or maybe I'll make a different one, idk. I'M JUST SO FUCKING LAZY LATELY. I really need to get my ass in gear!
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14 February 2008 @ 06:55 am
Project Runway is FIERCE ) I'm just not as excited as I was yesterday because I am SO tired. Mom decided to make a cake at 12:30, and like an idiot I stayed up so I could have the first cupcake. I didn't go to bed until about 2. DX OH AND FOR SOME REASON I HAVE HIGH SCHOOL MUSICAL SONGS STUCK IN MY HEAD.
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13 February 2008 @ 02:44 pm
OMG I JUST REALIZED TODAY IS WEDNESDAY! That means................



(drum roll please)




And not just ANY new episode of Project Runway.....no! This is the episode when we discover WHO is going (or went, by now) to FASHION WEEK. 8D I am such a PR DORK it is not even funny. But I think you all know who I'm rooting for. He is, after all, kind of a big deal and kind of a celebrity and definitely FIERCE. Wooo, Christian, I'm rooting for you!!! Show those home-sewn crap makers what real fashion is all about!! XD

Well? Predictions as to who's going?

I'm guessing, besides Christian of course, that Jillian is going to go. Mostly because I imagine they wouldn't make the final three all guys, and I think she has more talent than Sweet Pea. I'm really hoping Chris goes too, because I feel like he really proved himself as a designer in the last challenge. It wasn't over-the-top in a bad way, he really created an outfit his client loved, and it suited her needs. I'm crossing my fingers hoping Rami goes home. I don't really like him. :\ I would rather have Sweet Pea go on to Fashion Week than Rami, even if it meant Christian didn't get to go. I think the only two designers I've hated this season more than Rami were Elise (the special snowflake flower-child) and Ricky (did he cry enough!?!?). Blech.
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10 September 2007 @ 07:31 pm
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