Title: Kryptonian Cooking Lessons
Fandom: Young Justice (tv)
Characters: Kon Superboy and Miss Martian, friendship fic!
Summary: After spending the last week bonding over old television programs with Superboy, M'Gann discovers that while other people's emotions and motivations are quite simple to understand and forgive, Earth cooking is not.
Notes: Unbeta'd, apologies for abrupt tense changes and any general mistakes. Like several others, I am very disturbed by the fact that the only girl on the team (so far) has been relegated to scapegoat/cookie maker. Especially since Megan is so kick ass. This is my attempt to explain why she was the one burning cookies in episode three, and why Superboy's extraordinarily plain (and quite lacking) apology was able to make things okay so quickly.

With thanks to [livejournal.com profile] theoreticalpixy for amusing me with talk of cookie dough and teleporting.

This is what humans do. )