15 March 2008 @ 12:56 pm
SO I AM TOTALLY NOT GETTING READY FOR WORK, LOL. I took a shower and got dressed, but I am now sitting on my butt in front of the computer again. THIS DOES NOT BODE WELL FOR ME ARRIVING ON TIME GUYS. But I suppose it's my own fault. Oh, and Ever After is on and I freaking LOVE that movie, despite it's horrible historical inaccuracies. I mean, the clothes are beautiful.

I need to eat something before I leave but I can't figure out what. D:

Oh, and my brother may have just gotten a free car. WTF? Well, I guess since it's common knowledge I've got Dad's truck..... Blah...now he's being all moody and bitchy. I mean, if someone had offered me a free car, I'd be all sunshine and daisies.

And I just checked, and we have nothing in our house that I have time to cook. Damn frozen meat.... So I will just consume a bunch of healthy watermelon-flavored Jell-o and leave. I think. I don't seem to be getting off my butt any time soon.

It's not that I hate work, I just hate going to work. XD And now I'm just rambling for the sake of taking up time. Lalala.....and what is my brother throwing?!?!!?

Oh, am doing ScriptFrenzy this year. I think I'm going to do a screenplay for some never-to-exist movie about Dark Mysterious Matrix Girl. Oh, and I stole some fanfic100's list of word prompts for my own use. I'll be doing 100 stories about.....something. I need to come up with a topic. :\ Ugh....I am really not wanting to drive at all with the way gas prices are. Gross.... DX

I had fun seeing Ben and Beth this past week...they were the only ones who communicated any sort of wish to see me though. :c I can't wait to see Sarah later....and Houston Rufflebutts. XD

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