1. Use your own style
There are two methods for doing this:

A) If you are using the s2 system and you have custom comment pages for your layout on your journal, you can tack ?style=mine onto the end of a url (after the .html part but before anything else that may or may not follow it) to view the comment page in your style.

B) You can go to Profile > Settings > Display and check "View all journals and communities in my own style" and "View comment pages from my Friends page in my own style." (Note: This will mean that you won't see anyone else's style, even if they have their own custom comment pages. But hey--I'm sure you like your layout and don't mind looking at it. And if you don't, go change that.)

2. Pick another theme that supports custom comment pages
If you run a community that relies on subject comment titles you probably want to do this, otherwise you will need to rethink your whole way of running your comm.

Make sure you have a Plus or Paid account--basic accounts don't have this ability. There are a number of layout communities/makers whose layouts include custom comment pages.

Or, if you like the look of the old comment pages, there's an app for that (although it still has a few kinks).

ETA: More workarounds here.

Want to tell LJ how much you DNW the new comment page design? Click this.

Fed up with LJ? Dreamwidth has open account creation all month.

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