09 December 2011 @ 05:33 pm
I should know better than to ask Lauren....  
This year I decided to put a Christmas tree in my bedroom. I wasn't sure how to decorate it though, so I asked Lauren to help me.

I never should have done that. I really should have known better. I asked her for three colors and three themes. This is what happened:

_samalander: green
_samalander: blue
_samalander: mauve
_samalander: "i must scream but I have no mouth"
_samalander: "the roof, the roof, the roof is on fire"
_samalander: and uh
emmy: I should specify--one word themes
_samalander: "the best part of waking up is folgers
_samalander: oh
emmy: but I like the first one and the last one :)
_samalander: how about
_samalander: Peri
_samalander: noodles
_samalander: barndoor

For everybody's information, they do not sell ornaments or any kind of decorations with Sam's cat on them. JSYK.

So I took the colors and interpreted "barndoor" as "rustic" and/or "nature-y" and ended up with this:

I bought an olive GREEN-ish yarn ball and a big, wooden heart. The whole thing is decked out in MAUVE lights and purple and silver balls.

Of course, the Grinch is always GREEN.

There is also a dark BLUE tinsel garland thing. Although I wish I had bought a brighter blue garland because this one is kind of hard to see.

This is a bird that also has BLUE on it.

This whole bird is BLUE.

This looks kind of like a real bird, fitting the nature-y theme. Also there are pine cones and a big, wooden star.

This bird is not blue, green, or mauve.

The tree is topped with a wreath...

...and a butterfly (which is blue-y and mauve-y).

Some of these things were chosen for a ~symbolic~ reason (ooh aaah), others just because they are pretty. I really wanted to decorate the tree WITH Lauren when she came for her visit, but since I've never put a tree in my room, I wasn't sure about the logistics (aka if it would even work), so I figured I would risk that and would just get inspiration for the three from her. I'd still like to get a few things for it, but ohmygod are Christmas decorations expensive. It's been ages since my family has bought any because ours are all old and awesome, so I had no idea that these little things could be so pricey! Maybe I'll get some more next year. I'd still like to get one more bird (rounding it out to five, which is my favorite number), as well as a small hippo and some more blue things. I'd also like to add some green things, but wasn't able to really find anything that wasn't a sickly, not-quite-lime green or Christams tree green. Alas.

Earlier today Mom and I put up all of our outside decorations. I am...always kind of shocked by how many lights we have. Somehow it keeps multiplying each year even though we always solemnly swear to not buy anymore.

Uncle Barry is coming over tomorrow evening and he's going to teach me to cook...something. Apparently I'm not allowed to know what. And then Sunday is Mom's birthday. I got her some fancy jam, an elephant coffee mug, and some candy. For Christmas I'm giving her my old laptop; a stocking full of socks, candy, and more jam(!!!); and some handmade potholders (a set of three: one large, two small). I...may have gone way overboard with her gifts. But I just kept seeing things and going, "Ooooh! Mom would love this! And this! And that! And she ~deserves it~ for being so awesome all the time." And really, she does, because she never gets herself anything that she doesn't need so it's always very easy for me to buy things for her that are special little "just becauses."

Lately it's been hard for me to go to bed at night because all the cats have decided that it is now their bed. And it's a little bed so it's hard to squeeze in there with them. I wish I had a king size bed so that there would be ample room for my wriggly ass and all of them too.
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