11 November 2011 @ 10:04 pm
Fandom: DC Comics
Subject: Batgirls (Babs, Cass, and Steph)
Title: We Were Real

Notes: For this mix I wanted to use only upbeat songs sung by female vocalists. It proved to be a lot harder than I would have thought, which says a lot about my music collection (depressing, downbeat songs sung by men or instrumentals). I also wanted songs with a focus on something other than love. This mix fluctuated from anywhere between 20 to 6 songs, and at one point has "Little Seal Girl" from As Told By Ginger on it. I kid you not.

I wanted to do this mix because I really love all of the Batgirls. All three of them are such wonderful, inspirational figures for me. Each of these three women have their own individual strengths, and they've all helped each other and worked together. And as each of them has moved on from her cowl, they've only continued to grow and become even stronger. These are the sort of women I aspire to be.

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