12 October 2007 @ 06:31 am
It's funny...poptarts and syrup-dowse waffles are considered good breakfast food--but cookies are not.

Think on that one for a while.

....trying to find something to eat.

....have grabbed some Oreos. Halloween-flavored to be exact. But in all seriousness....look up. Haha...not up, up. Up at what is typed above this. Don't worry, I would have done the same thing....

...but it just doesn't make sense....!

I've decided that for Halloween I'm going to be super steampunky, because I've never really worn a steampunk outfit. What I have though is a little more steam than punk, but I guess every fashion has its own version of classic lolita?

....ooh! My cookie has a little ghost on it! *squee*

I'm going to eat that one last.

Also, go buy:

MY BETHY'S ON THE COVER!!! Doesn't she look grand? I've never known anyone who was on the cover of a magazine, so she's....FAMOUS.

....okay, not quite famous, but it's still pretty cool.

They're working on redesigning the Megatokyo website. I checked out the beta and.... :\ I dunno....maybe because I'm a creature of habit, but I just don't like it as much as the current design (which has been up since before I began reading the comic like a religious fanatic....seriously: Megan's religion = Megatokyan)....it just seems too compact or something... I do like how we can view the transcripts of the comics though, and the search function is pretty snazzy. Sigh, mixed feelings. I hate when familiar things change *cough*Sophie I hope you're reading this, lol XD*cough*

Also, my Brassgoggles Name Generator name is "Elmira Somethingorother" I'm sorry...but ELMIRA. W. T. F. ?!!?!?!?

Gotta go...running late. XD
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