26 January 2007 @ 11:29 pm
I'm in a bad way...I'm not sure why. If you've read any of the poems on my deviantart account you'll know about that guy I have a crush on...I saw him today. That made me pretty f****** happy until one of my friends mentioned my ex-boyfriend and everything went to hell. I honestly don't know why he still has such a hold on me. But a lot happened when we were together. He was my first kiss, my first prom...I loved him. Maybe I still do...I dunno. I just wish that the guy in my poems would come and put all the pieces of my life back together. Scratch that--I'll take anyone at this point. I just want to feel whole again, like myself. I hate feeling like I'm in about a million pieces and just not...me. I want that to end. I want someone to come in and put the pieces of my heart back together.


Here are some questions that my friends and I would like to ask any guy out there:

1. Why do guys have split personalities?
2. Why don't guys like nice, decent girls, and why do they act weird when (and if) they get one?
3. What is universally (un)attractive to a guy?
4. Hanging out or making out?
5. Why do you use your friends to practice flirting on when it actually means nothing?
6. What's the best way to get attention without stripping nude and then dancing?
7. Slightly ditzy or level-headed?
8. Why can't boys dance? Why do they refuse to try?
9. Why do guys insist on ruining perfectly good events?
10. What's the perfect date?
11. What hurts more: Falling in love, or out?
12. Short or long hair?
13. Being lucky or getting lucky?
14. What's the deal with the lesbian thing?
15. Ask or be asked?
16. What does love really mean?
17. What's the sexiest thing a girl can wear that's not lingerie?
18. How confident is too confident?
19. Do guys actually like the "plastics"?
20. Calling every night or visiting every day?
21. How much is too much?
22. What's the best way to show a guy you like him?
23. Valentine's Day?
24. College: meeting halfway or spending weekends in between?
25. What's the sexiest thing a girl can do that isn't actually a sexual act?
26. Valentine's Day: stay in or go out?
27. What's the perfect Valentine's Day?
28. What's the best place to lose it?
29. How soon is too soon?
30. Blonde or brunette?
31. Body type?
32. Completely open or mysterious?
33. A girl who's broken in or one you get to break in yourself?
34. Teacher or student?
35. Do you believe in soul mates/destiny/fate?
36. Spontaneous or planned?
37. How do you let someone down?
38. How much make up?
39. Emotional or collected?
40. Party girl?
41. Opposite or the same?
42. Quiet or boisterous?
43. Artsy or...not?
44. Best kind of shoes for a girl to wear?
45. Dressing up: hot or not?
46. Formals: does the dress actually matter or is it the inside that counts? What she wears or just that you were able to get her?
47. Damsel in distress: hot or not?
48. Do you try as hard to keep her as to get her?
49. Hard to get?
50. What is the deal with guys paying for everything?!?! It's sweet, but it's the 21st century. If a girl want to pay, why can't she?
51. What's wrong with us?
52. Friends first or random aquaintances?
53. Friends or significant other?
54. Playful or foreplay?
55. Exclusive or just dating?
56. Why is it girls have to talk against their will, but guys are offended when asked about personal issues?
57. Dream girl?
58. Girls proposing: Can she pop the question?
59. Twenty questions: fun or dangerous?
60. Dating: expensive or casual?
61. All or nothing?
62. What's the best way to spend a Friday night?
63. Working girl or stay at home?
64. Cinderella or Mulan? Which Disney(c) princess?
65. What's the most romantic place?
66. What's the worst way to be turned down?
67. Best pick up line?
68. Best place to propose?
69. Tickle-ish?
70. Asleep together or sleeping together?
71. Sex or making love?
72. Losing your virginity at prom: hot or not?
73. X's or 0's?
74. Roses or another flower?
75. Jewelry or flowers?
76. Candy or stuffed animals?
77. What's your fetish?
78. Would you ever proclaim you love in public?
79. PDA?
80. Saving it-hot or not?
81. Marriage or Love without it?
82. Cartoons or drama?
83. Sunday under the covers or Saturday under the stars?
84. How clingy is too clingy?
85. Where do you want to propose (or be proposed to)?
86. Wedding plans?
87. Love or Lust at first sight?
88. One for all or all for one?
89. Passive or aggressive?
90. Best friend's ex's--yes or no?
91. One of the guys or a girly girl?
92. Sugar or spice?
93. How far would you go for love?
94. Ends of the Earth or go for your best effort?
95. Does size really matter?
96. Memory foam, water bed, or regular mattress?
97. Experimentation?
98. Family?
99. If you broke my heart, would you come back to fix it? If my heart were broken by another, would you try to mend it?
100. Are you being honest, or are you just trying to look good?
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