07 April 2010 @ 11:29 am
Several years ago I did a list of affirmations. Things I believed in, things I thought to be true. I've been thinking a lot lately about who I am and how I've changed and about my own growth. I think if my thirteen year-old self were to look at me now, she wouldn't recognize who I have become--and neither would the seventeen year-old who wrote that list. And as I have changed, my beliefs have become...well, I hesitate to use the word refined because for me that indicates some level of enlightenment that I don't think I have yet achieved. But they have changed. Alors, here is an updated and (hopefully) shorter list:

I believe that every human has a right to a healthy life.
I believe that every human has the right to marry whomever they choose, be it for love or money or sex or just for the sake of not being alone anymore, so long as both parties are able to consent to that marriage.
Likewise, every human has the right to not marry for whatever reason, and none is too trivial.
I believe that the existence of the Universe is proof of a Creator.
I believe this Creator has no need to actively influence the events that take place within His/Her/It's Creation.
I believe I will never be able to fully comprehend this Creator, but through careful study of the Universe and all its aspects, can get pretty damn close.
I believe words have power, but only the power we grant them, and no word is "bad" because language is constantly evolving.
I believe that the absence of "no" is never indicative of a "yes."
I believe that I have the power to affect my own destiny and life.
I believe as an able-bodied and aware individual, that I should take advantage of the opportunities presented to me by the Universe, and that by ignoring them I am denying my own divinity.
I believe that everyone has a right to his or her own beliefs, and that we should all strive to be educated about others' belief systems so that we may better shape our own.
I believe that faith and spirituality must be evolving and fluid.
I believe that everything present within the Universe is a creation of a God and must be honored.
I believe in doing no intentional harm.
I believe in karma.
I believe that by giving my best outwardly, I can improve and strengthen myself inwardly.
I believe learning does not end.
I believe education is a basic right on the same level as food, shelter, and safety.
I believe every human is free.
I believe we are equal.
I believe that I have the power to change the world I live in.
I believe I do not have the right to force another individual to change the way he or she lives his or her life.
I believe there is nothing wrong with any lifestyle so long as it does not cause unwanted harm to another.
I believe sex has power--over yourself and others--but that it is not "evil" or "wrong" and that to deny that power is to deny your own sexuality.
I believe that every individual is free to enjoy as much or as little sex as he or she desires and is free to experience any style of sex they choose so long as all parties involved are aware of what activity will happen and is able to freely consent or dissent at all times.
I believe we are good, but that goodness is subjective.
I believe the only universal moral is to do no intentional harm.
I believe in the divinity of the Universe and of all that is contained within it, including the self.
I believe I am blessed.
I believe we all have a right to the knowledge that is necessary to make informed choices about our lives and those of others'.
I believe.
29 January 2008 @ 06:56 am
To add on to the entry I made here a while back:

I believe that the fact that something is easily forgotten, doesn't necessarily mean it is unimportant.

I believe we take for granted the things we most hate.

I believe the occasion rises when, every once in a while, it is necessary to just skip.....class or work.

I believe the occasion rises when, every twice in a wile, it is necessary to just skip.

I believe dancing when no one is watching is good for the soul.

I believe children are educated in a self-defeating way nowadays.

I believe that pets offer an unconditional love that we all need.

And now I'm late for school again. I hate early morning classes.
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08 September 2007 @ 10:27 pm
I believe forgiveness is the key to your own happiness... )


af·fir·ma·tion (āf'ər-mā'shən) n.
1. The act of affirming or the state of being affirmed; assertion.
2. Something declared to be true; a positive statement or judgment.
3. Law A solemn declaration given in place of a sworn statement by a person who conscientiously objects to taking an oath.


I don't care if you agree with me or not. Just don't go and post some idiotic "No you are wrong go to hell/you are an idiot/(insert some jackass comment here)" You are entitled to disagree. Just do yourself a favor and don't be unintelligent about it. Also, this is my journal...if I choose not to defend myself, it's because I feel as if I don't have to. Maybe I'm not in the mood for it, maybe I just don't want to argue or go back and forth about it. Maybe I just respect the fact that you don't agree with me and that you think differently and I honestly don't feel that I need to repeat myself several times over in an attempt to make you see things from my point of view. It's not because I'm a coward or dumb or anything else you may think of (I hope). I just don't see why I should persuade you to think differently than you do. I like you guys because you aren't me. I would greatly dislike spending time with no one but myself.

Also, the only reason I'm putting this little note before I begin is so that I'm not forced to repeat myself/argue for my virtue repeatedly/don't have to repeatedly tell you that my opinions are mine, not yours, and I am not saying you HAVE to agree with me. If you know you are not going to agree with me and you disagree with me so strongly that you think I'm wasting your time, then why spend MORE of your time telling me that? It'll just piss me off. I hate when people do that. If it's SO not worth your time, WHY BOTHER? < /rant filled with latent, pent up feelings from [livejournal.com profile] egl/facebook >

Ok...I'm done. I'll move on. Also, remind me to look up synonyms for "repeat". Thanks.


I believe... )

It's really amazing to just look at this list and realize that these are a good chunk of my beliefs laid out in what I hope is a semi-coherent way. Typing this up made me think and it made me realize how much my opinions have changed and been shaped by the different people and experiences in my life. I would recommend it to you guys because it just feels really cool to have something to look at and say, "Hey, this is what I believe in." I'm not saying it won't change, I mean come on, some small thing could happen tomorrow that ends up changing the majority of my beliefs--who knows? But it feels pretty darn cool to be able to look and see what I think listed out rather than simply having it all up in my muddled little head.
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