12 October 2008 @ 11:22 pm
Ahhhh...I'm in so much pain....! I love it. (And no, I'm not some sort of masochist) But, there is something that is just oh-so-satisfying about working your hardest all weekend and coming home sore and in all sorts of pain, but also knowing that you have done your best, helped lots of people, and looked absolutely FAB whilst doing all of it.

I swear, this weekend was both total bliss and absolute hell. We are finally into the full swing of things at P.C. and Halloween is right around the corner. I'm so excited for the holiday, but I do abhor the way people (a.k.a. customers) blowing things waaay out of proportion. They tend to ruin the holiday not only for themselves, but for others as well.

Nothing particularly memorable has happened yet, but I really don't think that anything will top last year. Haha, I don't think I ever told any of you about it!! Okay, well it went something like this:

ME: *folding costumes and working dressing room whilst looking FAB*

FEMALE TWENTY-SOMETHING CUSTOMER: *comes out of dressing room stall and hands back balled up costume that is totally not within the confines of its package*

ME: Did you like this costume?


ME: Oh, I'm sorry. I hope you can find something you like.

FEMALE TWENTY-SOMETHING CUSTOMER: Oh, I'm sure I will, there were several others I wanted to try on, anyways.

ME: Oh, that's good.

FEMALE TWENTY-SOMETHING CUSTOMER: Yeah. *starts walking off* By the way, it's okay that I don't wear underwear, right?

ME: O.O ... *realizes she has to fold and repackage costume, turns to secondary dressing room associate* Can you fold that while I run these costumes to the back?

No lie.

For those of you who have been wondering, October is Halloween month and, as I work at a party store, I'm quite busy. I've picked up more hours so I haven't had as much time to be online. I've been reading your entries, I'm probably just not commenting as much as I usually do, nor will I be posting as much as I normally do. But, ne'er ye fear, November is right around the corner, and I will taking part in National Novel Writing Month and will, inevitably, be using livejournal as if it were Twitter. Haha, but I wouldn't do it if I didn't love it! Anyone else thinking of taking part in it?
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04 July 2008 @ 12:30 am
Cut for length )
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23 June 2008 @ 02:25 pm
From One Devil to Another (NaNoWriMo 2007)

Yesterday, Today, and Yesterday (Screnzy 2008)

Click to make them bigger :)
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(Also known as "The Huge Wall of Text" post)

Il est bel et bon

Il est bel et bon, bon, bon, commère, mon mari,
Il ètait deux femmes toutes d'un pays,
Disant l'une à l'autre avez bon mari?
Il ne me courrouce ne me bat aussi.
Il fait le ménage, il donne aux poulailles,
Et je prends mes plaisirs.
Commère c'est pour rire
Quand les poulailles crient:
Co, co, co, co, de, petite coquette, qu'est ceci?

So we are singing this song, "Il est bel et bon," in concert choir and it's (obviously) in French. And you know what? I really, really, really miss being in French class. I mean, I rocked the French honors students with my amazingly mad French skills. And you know how much French I can speak now? None. Well, practically none. I think the most complex thing I can say is est-ce que je peux aller au toilette s'il vous plait? That's right. I can ask if I can go potty. And that's basically it.

Well, okay. I can talk about weather, too. Par example, aujourd'hui, le 7 de février, il fait très froid. Mais, il ne fait pas pleut aujourd'hui. Je déteste le pleut. But that's it. That is pathetic. I was a French honors student for two years. I was in French for three years. I attended French Symposium three years in a row. I was asked to be in the French Honor Society. I rocked at French like Tom Paris rocks the holosuite. But now I don't. That is just pathetic.

I really want to take some French classes now and pick back up what I've forgotten. I don't like that I've forgotten so much of it. It really bothers me.

But since I'm on the subject of les toilettes...

The stupid women's potty keeps breaking at Party City. So I can never use it. It literally only works when I have no use for a toilet. And, yes, I have been saying potty for the vast majority of this post. Yes I am in college. Yes I still use the word "potty." It is one of my many charms. Potty. Gawd...just saying it makes me feel so juvenile.....

Je suis très fatigué maintenant. I don't know why though....


Haha...every time I hear someone say "That's not P.C." (as in "politically correct"), I think they mean "That's not Party City," because that's how we abbreviate Party City at, well, Party City.

Gawd I am in such a weird mood today.

For some reason, on the way to Party City from school, I was reminded of the train wreck that was graduation day. I really think that that whole day was absolutely disgusting. I cried once Keri, Trav, and I got there because I was really sad my dad would not be there and I remember specifically telling Keri not to tell anyone I had been crying, and yet as soon I climbed up on the risers for the seniors to rehearse SSB what do I hear but, "Hey Megan? Are you okay? Why were you crying?" What?!?! After the whole ceremony (which was long and boring and could have used some excitement) and eating a really late lunch with the family (Gene counts as family in my head, fyi) I was waiting and waiting and waiting at home for either Keri or Travis to call me to let me know whether or not they were going over to Whitney's party so I could get a ride, since I wasn't sure where she lived. By the time I FINALLY got in touch with one of them (Keri, because Lurch never answers his phone), I found out that they were both there and had FORGOTTEN to call me. Oh, and could I get a ride to Amy's that night because of some lame reason that meant they couldn't get me? Gee....thanks guys.

Really though, I'm glad all that shit happened and I was able to spend the night with Alex and Ben, because those two are the most amazing guys I have EVER known. Alex is so sweet and funny and Ben is.....Ben. 'nuff said.

But still....I wonder what warranted me being constantly "forgotten" all throughout middle and high school? I always felt like the last one to be included. And I know I wasn't the only one. There's another person, an absolutely brilliant and amazing person who was also left out a bunch and I honestly want to know why we weren't good enough to get invited everywhere. No, scratch that. I don't think I want to know. It would probably just be some lame-ass excuse anyways.

But you know what? Now I'm in college and I have at least two completely NEW people who think that I am kind of a big deal and fierce. And I like that. I just want to know why it took so long for anyone to notice.

Hehe...since I'm on the subject of Dad, I'm sure he'll be disgusted to know that Mommy got me an Elvis shirt for Christmas. He hated Elvis. Oh, and I've been blaring the King in the truck too. His truck. Elvis blaring in his truck. XD OH AND I AM PWNING EVERYONE AT CALCULUS DADDY!!!!!!! WOOO!
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18 January 2008 @ 11:41 pm

I did not take this picture. I did not take this picture. I did not take this picture.

Now that that's over with....

Gawd, I miss high school. Not in a "oh-man-I-wanna-go-back" kind of way, but in a "aw-I-really-miss-it-but-never-want-to-go-back" kind of way. Pizazz was fun. Even though I was only in choir for a year, it was so amazing. The people were spectacular (for the most part). I miss my Chorale girls...

College is sow weird. Like, I'm really happy where I am, and even though I was miserable all throughout high school, I really miss that misery. I'm not used to being so....comfortable. But I think mostly I just miss the social part of it. And yes, that was what I hated about it...but it was one of those love/hate kind of things.

Ah, fond memories. Walking to Sonic in the summertime, hide 'n seek on Beth and Rob's street (and, once upon a time, Charles'!), cramming nine people into Travis' truck to drive places, passing notes in math class, the lunch room......I miss these things. I guess I just hadn't realized how much. And yes, there were times when I wanted to throttle every single last person in sight, and they happened quite often, but I wouldn't mind having those sentiments back if only it meant recapturing the good times like homecoming and prom and eating out and English. Gawd...I miss GT English so much right now.

And it's so strange, being in all of these classes and not really knowing anyone. I have acquaintances, but not buddies and chums like I used to. It feels strange having Calculus without Sean and Dr. Furuyama. It feels surreal to suddenly be one of the people who knows what she's doing in choir. It feels weird not hanging out in Soden's room and just being able to joke around with my teachers. I still can, but not like we used to. It feels completely bogus and lame-making that my teachers are suddenly treating me like I'm a child. Being in the advanced classes in high school really had its perks, but now I'm just lumped up with everyone else and it feels....strange. I'm not used to thinking on that level.

I guess I just never realized how much I would miss high school, as lame as that is. I was so focused on how disappointing the events and people were (especially senior year) that it kind of slipped by. And I really don't think it helped that the summer after we graduated was nothing like I thought it would be (you know what I'm talking about Beth). I was never that big in the social part of it all, but I miss what little of it I had.

Bah. That's my little melancholy-making rant for the week. Everybody go read Peeps by Scott Westerfeld now. It is AMAZING.
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30 December 2007 @ 11:13 pm
Yeah...my friend found this on Youtube...it looks exactly like my cat, acts exactly like my cat, but it isn't my cat.

My cats got a new SuperScratcher(c) today.

So...I had a great day.

I was just browsing the Victorian Maiden website (a name-brand lolita clothing store in Japan).......I WANT AN EFFING BUSTLE SKIRT!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I know, I know...I've been bitching all week about it and how blown out of proportion it is, but....

Sometimes waiting is the hardest part...how can anyone stand to sit there without knowing?

It's bothering me again.

There was a place I thought that I could go where I was understood.

So....Novala's a druggie.


IT'S HERE!!!!!

So I just blew up part of my lunch in the microwave.
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29 December 2007 @ 07:23 am
1. What did you do in 2007 that you'd never done before?
Go to college...actually start to believe that I can be a writer.

2. Did you keep your New Years' resolutions, and will you make more for next year?
I think my resolution was something like "Stop making promises to yourself if you're not going to keep them" or something.....FAIL. Next year I think it will be something along the lines of "Live more you bloody Trekkie."

3. Did anyone close to you give birth?
Not anyone who told me.

4. Did anyone close to you die?

5. What countries did you visit?

6. What would you like to have in 2008 that you lacked in 2007?

7. What date from 2007 will remain etched upon your memory, and why?
November 18--the day I almost died.

8. What was your biggest achievement of the year?
Getting two A's and two B's after missing most of the last four weeks of school before finals.

9. What was your biggest failure?
Research paper. That was dismal.

10. Did you suffer illness or injury?
Yes. And I have two of the most epic scars to show for it that sadly reside in a place that I prefer not to show off.

11. What was the best thing you bought?
Metamorphose Lucky Pack--hands down.

12. Whose behaviour merited celebration?
My mom--she's just all-around AMAZING. And Alex Jentsch because he really made a horrible graduation day turn into the most awesome graduation night.

13. Whose behaviour made you appalled and depressed?
My brother, select friends.

14. Where did most of your money go?

15. What did you get really, really, really excited about?
Seeing Trans-Siberian Orchestra again after missing them last year.

16. What song will always remind you of 2007?
"Famous Last Words" - My Chemical Romance

17. Compared to this time last year, are you:
happier or sadder? Happier
thinner or fatter? Thinner
richer or poorer? Richer, surprisingly

18. What do you wish you'd done more of?
Gone out of the house and lived.

19. What do you wish you'd done less of?
Sit on my butt and watch Star Trek/surf the 'net.

20. How will you be spending Christmas?
Already happened. Woke up late (weirdly) and opened presents. Put on pretty lolita clothes, listened to mom and brother argue, go to late lunch at family friend's and sat at the kiddie table listening to two Narutards get really obvious stuff about the series completely WRONG. Go home and chill.

21. How will you be spending New Year's Eve?
With my Ben.

22. Did you fall in love in 2007?
Ah, love. A sad excuse for a girl to feel as if she is inferior unless she is with some guy. No....I did not.

23. How many one-night stands?

24. What was your favorite TV program?
Star Trek: Voyager

25. Do you hate anyone now that you didn't hate this time last year?
Uh....I think so? I'm not sure if hate is the right word. Greatly dislike, is more like it.

26. What was the best book you read?
His Dark Materials. Yeah it was a reread, but it was a reread of epic proportions.

27. What was your greatest musical discovery?
Alternative versions of O Fortuna.

28. What did you want and get?

29. What did you want and not get?
Rockinghorse shoes.....

30. What was your favourite film of this year?
Sweeney Todd.

31. What did you do on your birthday, and how old were you?
18.I had one of my parties.

32. What one thing would have made your year immeasurably more satisfying?
If dad had been there at graduation.

33. How would you describe your personal fashion concept in 2007?
Bag lady chic in combination with omg-rufflebutt lolita to create the most perfect vision of not-quite antiquated-but-vintage look.

34. What kept you sane?
Having the house alone every once and a while so I can dance around like an idiot with the music on high.

35. Which celebrity/public figure did you fancy the most?

36. What political issue stirred you the most?
Gay marriage. Regardless of whether you agree with it or not, we should all be free to marry the man or woman we love. Arguing over the "sanctity" of it is irrelevant because we are a democracy (supposedly), not a theocracy.

37. Who did you miss?

38. Who was the best new person you met?
Tie between Trey and Sarah. They each have their own strong points.

39. Tell us a valuable life lesson you learned in 2007:
Even though I a the lamest of lame on the planet, there is some poor girl out there who thinks I am the coolest person she has ever met. I lie not.

40. Quote a song lyric that sums up your year.

I'm not here
I am a question to the world,
Not an answer to be heard.
All a moment that's held in your arms.
And what do you think you'd ever say?
I won't listen anyway…
You don't know me,
And I’ll never be what you want me to be.

And what do you think you'd understand?
I'm a boy, no, I'm a man..
You can take me and throw me away.
And how can you learn what's never shown?
Yeah, you stand here on your own.
They don't know me 'cause I'm not here.

And I want a moment to be real,
Wanna touch things I don't feel,
Wanna hold on and feel I belong.
And how can the world want me to change,
They’re the ones that stay the same.
The don’t know me,
'Cause I’m not here.

And you see the things they never see
All you wanted, I could be
Now you know me, and I'm not afraid
And I wanna tell you who I am
Can you help me be a man?
They can't break me
As long as I know who I am

And I want a moment to be real,
Wanna touch things I don't feel,
Wanna hold on and feel I belong.
And how can the world want me to change,
They’re the ones that stay the same.
They can’t see me,
But I’m still here.

They can’t tell me who to be,
‘Cause I’m not what they see.
And the world is still sleepin’,
While I keep on dreamin’ for me.
And their words are just whispers
And lies that I’ll never believe.

And I want a moment to be real,
Wanna touch things I don't feel,
Wanna hold on and feel I belong.
And how can they say I never change
They’re the ones that stay the same.
I’m the one now,
‘Cause I’m still here.

I’m the one,
‘Cause I’m still here.
I’m still here.
I’m still here.
I’m still here.
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01 December 2007 @ 11:11 pm
r355ur3(73d fr0m |457 (hr15m745 )

I ♥ Fred Gallagher.
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In a few minutes, National Novel Writing Month 2007 will be over. Yet another chance at reaching 50,000 will have slipped through my fingers. I had felt so confident that I could reach my goal this year, and I'm not insanely angry or anything that I've not reached my goal (I did have a "valid" reason) but...

I don't know...

I had just been doing so well; I had been so confident that I would complete my novel this year. Looking back, I feel a bit of regret I'm not going to win this year. I mean, I am going to finish it...but I'm not going to touch it until after I get done with finals and everything. I want to have it done by the end of January...it's just so strange. I had been so close, and now it's just slipped through my fingers. I'm vaguely disappointed.

BAH! But I'm returning to school on Monday. Blech...maybe that's what's got me in such a state.

I just...I can't get over the fact that in a few hours it's going to be December. December! December, and I'm still wearing short skirts and light cardigans. December, and I'm leaving my house sans bright red pea coat. December, and I have yet to pull out my weird pseudo-Himalayan hat with the huge pom on the top. December!

I remember when I was a child and we would all be clad in coats long before Thanksgiving. I remember as a child, worrying about being too cold when I went trick-or-treating. I remember when I was really young and the whole city froze over and dad and Chaney and I played outside all day in the ice.

I remember two years ago when Sophie (and most of the population) was able to wear shorts on Christmas Day.

I miss the way things used to be.

Also, I think I may be Bennett's only friend. I thought it was kind of weird that he was at the hospital everyday when I was there...but then he started showing up at my house too. It turns out he's having some family troubles and I'm the only one (besides his shrink) that he feels comfortable talking with about it. I don't mind helping people out with their problems...but you can't honestly expect me to be on call all day everyday. I kind of want to tell him he needs to suck it up and just accept that his parents do not see things the way he does and that he's living under their roof and so he doesn't have a say in that but then I feel bad. I mean, I have this great social network filled with family and friends that I can rely on...he has no one.

But I just CANNOT deal with constantly having to counsel him at all hours. Normally people get paid a lot do this stuff, but here I am, doing it for free for someone I'm not even that close to. And it's not like I hate him...I'm just not that great of friends with him.

Also, today I discovered there exists a Geek magazine. That's the actual name of it. Geek. I love it. I think I'm going to subscribe.

Ah, but onto today. TODAY. I went out today. And not only did I go out, I DROVE. My mom and I went to the mall (!) and then we went to Blockbuster and then we went home. I'm just so ecstatic that I went out today.

Haha...and Beth makes me laugh. And I need some yarn for the amigurumi I want to give out. ♥~
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04 November 2007 @ 05:07 pm
So...I bought someone's Christmas present a few hours ago. Without leaving the house. I love having a credit card buying people stuff. ^__^

But....by (un)popular demand:

My Christmas Wish Liszt )
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07 September 2007 @ 10:47 pm
Several things....FIRST click here--------> clicky! ) for some BIG news.

That means I can drive you to school now Kayla.

NEXT: not so good news.

I have a job. At the college. In the Counselor's Office. In Marketing. That means that I basically sit around folding brochures whilst allowed to do NOTHING ELSE. So I sit. Folding Brochures. In the quiet. In a very comfortable chair. In which I start to doze. Until the girl above me walks in and is all like, "Are you okay? (freak)" And I have to be like "Yeah just restin' me eyes." Except today. NO...today had to be different Today I got to run around the skull putting fliers up in the restrooms. And on really high up bulletin boards. And tables. And little plastic sleeve-y things. All. Over. Campus. In heels. Because I had assumed that the stack of 1000+ fliers that I had not finished yesterday would be there today. But they weren't. Because the girls at the front desk got bored. And decided to fold them. And they apparently have the super power to fold thousands of fliers at break-neck speed. And I was tired. Because I was up at 5. To wait in line for 3 1/2 hours. At the f****** DPS office. Just so I could do my road test before English started. But I ended up missing English anyways. Because I HAD to do it today. And the only time available was at 10:30. 15 minutes before my class. So I was tired. And pissed off. In heels. Walking around campus. Touching things I do not normally touch. Only to return to the tiny little room that is the Marketing Department of the Counseling Office to wait. And wait. And wait some more. Because apparently Mishell had NO IDEA that I was actually going to require the fliers and posters if I was to put them up as per her orders. And the printer works slower than me trying to figure out a recipe. Oh yeah--I forgot the posters of DOOM. 'Nough said. I hate them. And I'm still not done with the fliers.

Liek....cool. I finally feel like an adult...kinda.

Schedule (School/Work):

10:45 - 11:50 English 1301
12:00 - 2:20 REALLY long lunch break
2:20 - 3:50 Development of the Motion Picture 2366 (Freaks paper due)
4:00 - 4:10 Stand outside of mother's classroom and make faces at her through the window in the door; get her in trouble with B.K.
4:15 - 4:45 Listen to mother's friend, lady I once baby-sat for, talk about the same thing several times over/her one son whilst forgetting she has another that she could mention
4:50 Finally depart North Harris College

8:05 - 10:30 Pre-calculus 2412 (supposed to end at 10:20, but Egley will invariably run over talking about something that has nothing to do with actual LEARNING)
10:31 - 10:32 Mad dash to next class which I am already late to as it started at 10:30
10:33 - 11:50 US History to 1877 (1301) (quiz)
12:00 - 12:55 Lunch break
1:00 - 5:30 Work

10:45 - 11:50 English 1301
12:00 - 2:20 REALLY long lunch break
2:20 - 3:50 Development of the Motion Picture 2366
4:00 - 4:10 Stand outside of mother's classroom and make faces at her through the window in the door; get her in trouble with B.K.
4:15 - 4:45 Listen to mother's friend, lady I once baby-sat for, talk about the same thing several times over/her one son whilst forgetting she has another that she could mention
4:50 Finally depart North Harris College

8:05 - 10:30 Pre-calculus 2412 (supposed to end at 10:20, but Egley will invariably run over talking about something that has nothing to do with actual LEARNING)
10:31 - 10:32 Mad dash to next class which I am already late to as it started at 10:30
10:33 - 11:50 US History to 1877 (1301)

8:00 - 10:30 Work
10:45 - 11:50 English 1301
12:00 - 12:55 Lunch break
1:00 - 4:30 Work


Am considering picking up a humanities course on lit/society/other humanitarian type things from the Renaissance period on. Because my schedule is too easy. In English we are learning how to write sentences. In Dev of the MP we watch movies. In Precalc he just cracks bad jokes the whole time. In history I am learning the same thing I've learned every year since first grade. I feel not busy enough.

Found a cool thingy online that was printable for my Bethy. Am angry because Sophie has one of my books that she never intends to read nor return. Am embarrassed because Ben went all vegan-animal smart on me and now feel like an idiot. Am TIRED because was up at FIVE O'CLOCK TODAY--AN UNGODLY HOUR.

Seriously, no higher being (who/whatever you do (not) worship) gets up before the sun does. That is why the sun is rising. Because (insert name of higher being here) is getting up for the day. Therefore: I should not have to get up before the sun or (higher being's name) does. Can I get a few "Yeas" here?

MECH. But I am tired so I am going to bed. GOOD NIGHT.

ALSO will write letters to Ben, Keri, Beth, Kim, et al. TOMORROW. OR NOT.

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