23 October 2010 @ 12:00 pm
My work schedule for the next week-ish:

TODAY: 1p to 11p/12a-ish (store closes at 10 then an hour or more of recovery depending on how shitty my employees want to be)
SUN 10/24: 10:30a to 9p (store closes at 6/maybe 7 idk what our new hours are)
MON 10/25: 8:30a to 6p
FRI 10/29: 1p to 12:30a-ish (store closes at 12, crossing my fingers it will be dead that late but who knows. We've never done these extended hours before)
SAT 10/30: 1p to 12:30a-ish (same as above)
SUN 10/31: 10:30a to 8p (supposed to close at 7, but crossing my fingers everyone will be trick-or-treating and not shopping)


Seriously. Need to find a job.

THE EXCITING: November 6-7th trip to Llano, TX. I love geology.
November 13th: trip to Galveston for ~oceanography~ expedition with Cy-Fair class.
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