20 August 2008 @ 12:18 am
Sorry for the lack of updates lately. The weather's been getting me down and I've just been dragging myself from here to there as necessary. It's really quite disgusting.

So, Beth is leaving me in a few days. I'm going to send her weird stalker-gifts like a major creeper. I've had fun chilling with her this summer. Just three months until I see her again now. *sob* I took her out for lunch today yesterday and then we got some awesomely lame photo-booth shots at the mall.

I'm supposed to see Sarah tomorrow, but she has yet to plan anything for us.

I was able to see Ben ONCE this whole summer. Damn Austin...stealing my lover boy from me. XD Nah...but I'm happy for him. It's been a good move for him, and so what if we can't see a movie every day for a whole month like we did back in seventh grade? We're adults now. This is just a transition period and anyways, we are totally going to teach at the same school together one day. (Actually probably not, because he keeps on changing his life plan on me.) It just sucks that I never get to see my best friend. :( BUT I AM HAPPY FOR HIM. Gawd, I love that kid. XD

Teddy Grahams are sooooo damn addictive.

School begins on Monday. My schedule is as follows:

9h to 10h20 - Public Speaking
10h45 to 12h05 - Concert Choir
12h30 to 13h50 - US History from 1877 to present

16h00 to 22h00 - work @ P.C.

9h to 11h20 - Beginning French I
12h30 to 13h50 - Composition and Rhetoric II
16h00 to 17h20 - Principles of Sociology
19h to 21h50 - Ballroom Dancing

9h to 11h20 - Beginning French I
12h30 to 13h50 - Composition and Rhetoric II
16h00 to 17h20 - Principles of Sociology

I'm also very excited, because Dustin (one of my managers) loaned me The Ice Man: Confessions of a Mafia Contract Killer. It looks so interesting!

Ugh.....I love my cat sooooooo much. DX I'm going to miss her once school starts. I've become so achingly used to spending all day in bed with her. XD

Now I'm going to bed though....because Sarah and I have a big day of catching up to do tomorrow. :)
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