20 July 2008 @ 11:16 pm
Lately I've been missing my mouth when eating and drinking. (lol) So I've had a lot of spillage on my clothing. This is especially embarrassing when it happens when I'm on break at work, because then I can't change and have to go out on the floor in my dinner. :[

Speaking of work, we're finally getting ready for Halloween. :D We had our first batch of interviews today, and we've got some candy and Halloween items/costumes from last year out on the floor. (Don't worry, only the deco and costumes are from last year. The candy's new--I swear!)

I'm soooooo excited. Halloween is my favorite time of year, and it gets to start in August for me. 8D

Now back to my paper that's due tomorrow that needs to be peer reviewed before turning it in.

Have I ever mentioned I hate peer review stuff? I mean, I'm not saying this to sound high-strung or anything, but I'm a good writer. Better than most my age. It makes it really difficult to go over someone else's paper, correct it, hand it back to them with about forty red marks on it, and then get mine back with nothing on it and just the words "You did a good job." That really bothers me, because I'm not getting anything out of it. I would like it if I could get some sort of feedback, like "Maybe you should rephrase this so it implies _________" or "Y'know, a better word here might be ________." Instead, I get nothing until I turn my paper in to my teacher and get graded. And then, it's a kind of one-sided critique, because I totally miss out on the chance to explain why I chose certain wording here and there, and sometimes that little explanation causes a person to suggest a totally different turn of phrase there. I feel like I don't improve with peer reviews. I don't mind helping out my fellow class mates, but I really wish that I got something out of it as well. :(

Ugh.....back to paper.
Current Mood: frustrated
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