06 July 2008 @ 11:27 pm
Independence Day fireworks pics are coming soon......I SWEAR!!!!


Ummm....why can't anything normal ever happen to me? Just wondering...


Why are you late for class? Cat threw up on my bed.
Why are you late for work? My neighborhood was closed off for a bike marathon.
Why are you late for work (again)? I got stuck behind a chuck wagon. (True story!!!)

What has prompted this little preponderance? Well, my glasses are broken. Want to know why? Of course you do! Well, a Pinata of Doom dropped out of the sky and fell right on my head almost killing me at P.C. Well, okay. It was a regular pinata (Disney Princesses, to be precise) that got loose from the pinata stick as I was trying to get it down off the ceiling for a customer at Party City aujourd'hui.

D: WTF?! HOW does this kind of stuff keep on happening to me? And I really liked those glasses...they had zebra stripe on the insides. :[ Now I'm wearing my old ones that look really horribly crappy on my face and they make me feel all psychedelic because I'm not used to the old prescription anymore.

Want proof?

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Well, okay. It's not that bad (especially since I'm comparing it to Beth's face! XD ), so I had to hold my fringe up to make me look all awkward and stuff. I don't like calling them bangs, because it just seems so....vulgar. Lol...I'm so old fashioned!

I'm thinking of starting up a Harley Quinn costume for I-don't-know-what.I can't wear it at work because our costumes have to be Party City only things, but...I REALLY WANT A HARLEY COSTUME!!!

She's my absolute fave! ♥

But yeah...I've found these two links (1 2) that I really like. I'm a tad bit nervous though, since I've never really partaken such a large project before. :$

Blah...I feel like making a long entry, but I don't really have anything to say. SOY MILK!!!!!

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Tea + exploring with this darling person! Much fun was had. We ate/made merry at a new tea house in town and I gave her a bit of a driving tour. We went shopping (for, like, two seconds!) and then had dinner. Seriously, we spent about four hours just sitting and talking! I have never had such a loooong conversation before. It was really nice, though. But the tea house people kept coming up to us asking if we needed anything. I think they wanted us to buy more food! XD

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Wore this...

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...to chill with this. (Gawd, I love my Bethers!) We went to Jesse Jones Park in heels and hiked around for about an hour and a half!! DX But I had so much fun. I always feel so glamorous when Beth and I are up to our shenanigans. But we ate soooooo much. DX Go figure, you get two skinny girls together and all they do is stuff their faces. I never want to eat again.

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And this is what I wore on the Fourth! Mom and I went to the Woodlands to see the fireworks then bummed around making lewd jokes about our fellow loiter-ers. Never thought I would do that with my mum, as cool as she is.

So that's it for now! I guess.... Maybe so.... I want to say more.

Oh yeah! I've been drinking LOTS of soy milk lately. Several large glasses a day. V. good for my health (I feel waaay more energetic) but v. bad for my wallet. I need a third job just to afford my soy milk!!! DX

(BTW, muffins to whoever can spot the King in my photos!)
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